May 22 - Sweden Rock

All of the show was about Sweden Rock Festival 2016.

01.AMARANTHE: Afterlife
02.BLIND GUARDIAN: Time stands still (at the iron hill)
03.LORDI: Hard rock hallelujah
04.SIXX:A.M.: Rise
05.SLAYER: Dead skin mask
06.MEGADETH: Dystopia
07.QUEEN: We will rock you
08.MAYHEM: Crystalized pain in deconstruction
09.SOILWORK: Death in general
10.KING DIAMOND: Abigail
11.220VOLT: It's nice to be a king
12.EPICA: Sancta terra
13.LOUDNESS: Crazy night
14.MONSTER TRUCK: Don't tell me how to live
15.GAMMA RAY: Valley of the kings
16.TWISTED SISTER: I wanna rock
17.SATYRICON: Forhekset
18.AVANTASIA: Draconian love
19.DEATH: Pull the plug
20.ANTHRAX: Among the living
21.KING KOBRA: Hunger
22.SABATON: Ghost division
23.MY DYING BRIDE: Erotic literature

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen