May 15

01.DEMON: Don't break the circle
02.FOUCALT: Lost people
03.RAGE: Spirits of the night
04.THE CARBURETORS: Rock'n roll forever
05.MYSTIC PROPHECY: Metal brigade
06.PICTURE ANN: Gasmask ballet
07.AMARANTHE: Drop dead cynical
08.SIMO: Two timin' woman
09.ALMANAC: Children of the future
10.DREAM POLICE: Hot legs
11.SEX PISTOLS: God save the queen
12.MOTÖRHEAD: God was never on your side
13.SKYWARD: Die happy
14.OVERKILL: Electro-violence
15.AZOTOBACTER: Push stroke
16.DEATH ANGEL: The moth
17.MISTUR: Downfall
18.SEPULTURA: To the wall
19.THYRUZ: Martyreenes rike
20.ETHEREAL: Psalm of the deceiver
21.NORDJEVEL: Djevelen i nord
22.DEATH: Suicide machine

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen