May 29

01.BLACK SABBATH: War pigs
02.AIRBAG: Sleepwalker
03.YES: No opportunity necessary, no experience needed
04.DEVILDRIVER: Daybreak
05.SYMPHONY X: Serpent's kiss
06.OZ: Search lights
07.KILL-TECH: Rise of the atheist
08.QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE: No one knows
09.DIAMONDOG: Kill me
10.IRON SAVIOR: Revenge of the bride
11.DIAMONDOG: Kill me
13.MOTÖRHEAD: Teach you how to sing the blues
14.MINISTRY: Lay lady lay
15.EXCITER: Rain of terror
16.ENTOMBED A.D.: Dead dawn
17.SOILWORK: Sworn to a great divide
18.LEPROUS: The flood
19.MELLOY: Das gefühl
20.RAGNAROK: The eighth of the seven plagues
21.THE WRETCHED END: Old norwegian soul
22.AURA NOIR: Condor

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen