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June 4th 2017
May 28th 2017
May 21st 2017
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Sundays CET:
Kl.12:00 Bluestrain
Kl.13:00 Power Ballads
Kl.14.00 Old Rock Interviews
Kl.15.00 Rock+
Kl.16.00 Symphonium
Kl.18.00 Norsk metall

kl.22.00 Bluestrain
Kl.23.00 Symphonium

Mondays CET:
Kl.01.00 Norsk Metall
Kl.02.00 Masters Of Rock
Kl.03.00 Old Rock Interviews
Kl.04.00 Symphonium
Kl.06.00 Humor Rock
Kl.07.00 Power Ballads

Kl.18.00 Symphonium
Kl.20.00 Norsk Metall
Kl.21.00 Old Rock Interviews
Kl.22.00 Power Ballads

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All times are CET, UTC+1.


On the Air

11.25.13 at 22:51 by Admin

For people in Nedre Eiker, Øvre Eiker & Drammen tune into Fm:105,5 Mhz every sunday from 21.00 - 04.00

New Frequecny!

05.31.13 at 01:51 by Admin

New frequency in Nedre Eiker & Øvre Eiker Fm: 101.3 Mhz. The old frequency 105,5 is now dead.

We've moved!

01.31.13 at 12:29 by Admin

New location for our studio.
Folkets Hus, Øvre Torggate 9, 3017 Drammen Norway.

On the Air

05.07.12 at 11:57 by Admin

FM 105.5 MHZ in Nedre Eiker & Øvre Eiker is now on the air. It's only using 30W, however later this year it will increase to 200W.

For our Norwegian Listeners

01.25.12 at 22:32 by Admin

Symphonium har for tiden prøve sendinger på Radio Puddefjord hver mandag kl.22.00

Om dette blir en permament løsning med tanke på dag eller klokkeslett er vi ursikre på.


Symphonium Welcomes new host!

10.16.11 at 19:47 by Admin

9.oktober Kim Aron joins as new radio host at Symphonium. Kim is a known singer from bands like Homer and Prega.


09.04.09 at 12:02 by Admin

We are happy to announce Radio5Norge is back on air, and we will start broadcasting on the channel Sundays at 19:00-21:00 CEST. You will find the link and a continually updated program in the right hand menu.

Click here to listen now!

Summer vacation!

07.20.09 at 13:45 by Admin

Symphonium metal radio will not be on air the next couple of weeks, because of summer vactions. We will be back Sunday August 9th!

New postbox!

06.15.09 at 13:51 by Admin

Box 189 is closed.
Please use

New site up!

05.30.09 at 17:52 by Admin

New site is now up!

We are currently working on content, so please be patient!