May 19 - Sweden Rock

All the show was about Sweden Rock Festival

01.SKID ROW: Youth gone wild
02.SEVENTH WONDER: Welcome to mercy falls
03.POWERWOLF: Demons are a girl’s best friend
04.ARCH ENEMY: Nemesis
05.AMON AMARTH: Shield wall
06.TENACIOUS D: Kickapoo
07.DEF LEPPARD: Photograph
08.SLAYER: Born of fire
09.THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA: Can’t be that bad
10.AXEL RUDI PELL: Rock the nation
11.CANDLEMASS: Black trinity
12.ZZ TOP: Tush
13.DISTURBED: Down with the sickness
14.KISS: Detroit rock city
15.GORGOROTH: Katharinas bortgang
16.DANKO JONES: Had enough
17.DEMONS & WIZARDS: Terror train
18.GREEN JELLY: Three little pigs
19.HAMMERFALL: (We make) Sweden rock
20.RAINBOW: Long live rock ‘n’ roll
21.HANK VON HELL: Bum to bum
22.BEHEMOTH: Chant for eschaton 2000

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

Sweden Rock.jpg

May 27 - Sweden Rock

The show was about Sweden Rock Festival 2018.

01.F.K.Ü.: Hell night
02.SUFFOCATION: Jesus wept
03.HARDCORE SUPERSTAR: Electric rider
04.CRAZY LIXX: Want it
05.AVATARIUM: Girl with the raven mask
07.THE DARK ELEMENT: My sweet mystery
08.ROSE TATTOO: Nice boys
09.HELLOWEEN: Never be a star
10.BODY COUNT: Talk shit, get shot
11.IRON MAIDEN: Flight of Icarus
12.H.E.A.T.: 1000 miles
13.KREATOR: Phobia
14.VIXEN: Edge of a broken heart
15.GRAVEYARD: Please don’t
16.MADAM X: High in high school
17.DARK FUNERAL: Nail them to the cross
18.TURNONEGER: Get it on
19.OZZY OSBOURNE: Bark at the moon
21.PRIMORDIAL: Stolen years
22.TARJA: I walk alone
23.JUDAS PRIEST: Living after midnight
24.MISERY LOVES CO.: Suburban breakdown

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

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May 28 - Sweden Rock

All the show was about Sweden Rock Festival. Phoneinterview with Sofia Lindquist Lacinai from the festival.

01.EMMA VARG: Surrender
02.HELIX: Rock U
03.GRAVE DIGGER: Witch hunter
04.BLACK STAR RIDERS: Dancing with the wrong girl
06.WARLOCK: All we are
07.STEEL PANTHER: Poontang boomerang
08.AEROSMITH: Walk this way
09.EDGUY: Superheroes
10.PRIMAL FEAR: Metal is forever
11.GOTTHARD: Lift 'u' up
12.METAL CHURCH: Killing your time
13.RATT: Round and round
14.MINISTRY: Senor Peligro
15.VOIVOD: Korgül the exterminator
16.SCORPIONS: Rock you like a hurricane
17.RUNNING WILD: Under jolly roger
18.CANDLEMASS: Samarithan
19.RHAPSODY: Emerald sword
20.CARCASS: No love lost
21.ARTCH: Titanic
22.VENOM: Welcome to hell
23.IN FLAMES: Only for the weak

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

May 22 - Sweden Rock

All of the show was about Sweden Rock Festival 2016.

01.AMARANTHE: Afterlife
02.BLIND GUARDIAN: Time stands still (at the iron hill)
03.LORDI: Hard rock hallelujah
04.SIXX:A.M.: Rise
05.SLAYER: Dead skin mask
06.MEGADETH: Dystopia
07.QUEEN: We will rock you
08.MAYHEM: Crystalized pain in deconstruction
09.SOILWORK: Death in general
10.KING DIAMOND: Abigail
11.220VOLT: It's nice to be a king
12.EPICA: Sancta terra
13.LOUDNESS: Crazy night
14.MONSTER TRUCK: Don't tell me how to live
15.GAMMA RAY: Valley of the kings
16.TWISTED SISTER: I wanna rock
17.SATYRICON: Forhekset
18.AVANTASIA: Draconian love
19.DEATH: Pull the plug
20.ANTHRAX: Among the living
21.KING KOBRA: Hunger
22.SABATON: Ghost division
23.MY DYING BRIDE: Erotic literature

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

May 24 - Sweden Rock

All the show was about Sweden Rock Festival 2015.

01.HELL: Let battle commence
02.D.A.D.: Laugh and a half
03.DELAIN: Your body is a battleground
04.CHILDREN OF BODOM: Bodom blue moon
05.GRIM REAPER: See you in hell
06.SLASH: One last thrill
07.BATTLE BEAST: Touch in the night
08.EXODUS: Salt the wound
09.HAMMERFALL: Let the hammer fall
10.BLOODBATH: Mental abortion
11.GHOST: Year zero
12.MOLLY HATCHET: Whiskey man
13.ALESTORM: The sunk'n Norwegian
14.HATEBREED: Destroy everything
15.DOKKEN: Tooth and nail
16.MAD MAX: Metal edge
17.MÖTLEY CRÜE: Shout at the devil
18.MESHUGGAH: Terminal illusions
20.MOTHER'S FINEST: Generator
21.AVATAR: Hail the apocalypse
22.RAGE: Don't fear the winter
23.THE DARKNESS: Barbarian
24.BEHEMOTH: O father o Satan o sun

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

May 18 - Sweden Rock

All of the show was about Sweden Rock Festival 2014.

01.BACKSTREET GIRLS: Don't let me down
02.CROWBAR: Things you can't understand
03.MAGNUM: Doors to nowhere
04.MASTERPLAN: Keep your dream alive
05.URIAH HEEP: Easy livin'
06.ALICE COOPER: School's out
07.KVELERTAK: Trepan
08.TNT: Seven seas
09.ANNIHILATOR: Betrayed
10.BLUES PILLS: Devil man
11.KAMELOT Ashes to ashes
12.WASP: I wanna be somebody
13.BLACK SABBATH: Paranoid
14.MEGADETH: Hangar 18
15.DEATH SS: Give 'em hell
16.THERION: Cults of the shadow
17.MONSTER MAGNET: Gods and punks
18.MADAM X: High in high school
19.SODOM: Ausgebombt
20.WITHIN TEMPTATION: Silver moonlight
21.EMPEROR: Into the infinity of thoughts
23.VOLBEAT: Fallen
24.ARCH ENEMY: Yesterday is dead and gone

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

May 26 - Sweden Rock

  • This show was all about «Sweden Rock Festival»
  • 01.THRESHOLD: Stop dead
  • 02.VADER: Return to the morbid reich
  • 03.SWEET: Ballroom blitz
  • 04.CANDLEMASS: Black dwarf
  • 05.SONATA ARCTICA: San sebastian
  • 06.SURVIVOR: Eye of the tiger
  • 07.STATUS QUO: In the army now
  • 08.AMON AMARTH: Destroyer of the universe
  • 09.KISS: Rock and roll all night
  • 10.AUDREY HORNE: Straight into your grave
  • 11.WITCHCRAFT: Democracy
  • 12.FIREWIND: Head up high
  • 13.DORO: Raise your fist in the air
  • 14.NAGLFAR: Spoken words of venom
  • 15.AT THE GATES: Slaughter of the soul
  • 16.EUROPE: Rock the night
  • 17.HYPOCRISY: When death calls
  • 18.SAHG: Baptism of fire
  • 19.LEPROUS: Cryptogenic desires
  • 20.TANKARD: A girl called Cerveza
  • 21.KREATOR: Pleasure to kill
  • 22.IHSAHN: Malediction
  • 23.RUSH: A passage to Bangkok
  • 24.AVANTASIA: Invoke the machine
  • 25.PARADISE LOST: Fear of impending hell
  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobse

May 13 - Sweden Rock

  • All the show was about Sweden Rock Festival.
  • 01.SABATON: Attero dominatus
  • 02.THE CROWN: Face of destruction – deep hit of death
  • 03.EXITER: Smashin 'em down
  • 04.EXODUS: Raze
  • 05.RIVAL SONS: Pressure and time
  • 6.SEPULTURA: Troops of doom
  • 07.MASTODON: Black tongue
  • 08.DIMMU BORGIR: Dimmu borgir
  • 09.SOUNDGARDEN: Bleed together
  • 10.DARK FUNERAL: Thy legions come
  • 11.AXEL RUDI PELL: Ghost in the black
  • 12.GAMMA RAY: To the metal
  • 13.GOTTHARD: Lift 'u' up
  • 14.UGLY KID JOE: Everything about you
  • 15.THE DARKNESS: I believe in a thing called love
  • 16.MOTORHEAD: Ace of spades
  • 17.TWISTED SISTER: Under the blade
  • 18.KATATONIA: The longest year
  • 19.GIRLSCHOOL: C'mon let's go
  • 20.RETURN: To the top
  • 21.SYMPHONY X: Bastards of the machine
  • 22.KING DIAMOND: Midnight / The puppet master
  • 23.SLADE: Cum on and feel the noise
  • 23.MÖTLEY CRÜE: Same ol' situation
  • 24.CANNIBAL CORPSE: Evisceration plague
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen
  • Raymond Smith

May 22 - Sweden Rock

  • All the show was about Sweden Rock Festival.
  • 01.CRASHDIET: Generation wild
  • 02.OZ: Fortune
  • 03.DUFF MCKAGAN'S LOADED: Dead skin
  • 04.ACCEPT: Living for tonite
  • 05.MOONSPELL: The southern deathstyle
  • 06.SAXON: Never surrender
  • 07.MORBID ANGEL: Thy kingdom come
  • 08.JUDAS PRIEST: Living after midnight
  • 09.MR.BIG: Road to ruin
  • 10.EVERGREY: It comes from within
  • 11.ICED EARTH: Jack
  • 12.STRYPER: Makes me wanna sing
  • 13.ROB ZOMBIE: Demon speeding
  • 14.HELLOWEEN: Are you metal?
  • 15.OVERKILL: Bring me the night
  • 16.WHITESNAKE: Love ain't no stranger
  • 17.DESTRUCTION: Vicious circle
  • 18.SPOCK'S BEARD: Surfing down the avalanche
  • 19.MOLLY HATCHET: Gone in sixty seconds
  • 20.ANGEL WITCH: Free man
  • 21.STYX: Best new face
  • 22.KANSAS: Fight fire with fire
  • 23.RHAPSODY OF FIRE: Land of immortals
  • 24.THIN LIZZY: Bad reputation
  • 25.HAWKIND: Motörhead
  • 26.OZZY OSBOURNE: Let it die
  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen

May 16 - Sweden Rock

  • The show was about Sweden Rock Festival 2010.
  • 01.F.K.Ü: The pit and the poser
  • 02.ALESTORM: Keelhauled
  • 03.MOTHER’S FINEST: Shirt
  • 04.DEATH ANGEL: Thicker than blood
  • 05.SABATON: Ghost division
  • 06.SLAYER: Angel of death
  • 07.DANZIG: Circle of snakes
  • 08.JORN: Living with the wolves
  • 09.AEROSMITH: Eat the rich
  • 10.MAYHEM: You must fall
  • 11.GRAVE DIGGER: Rheingold
  • 13.HIGH ON FIRE: Rumors of war
  • 14.SUICIDAL TENDENCIES: Join the army
  • 15.MASTODON: Where strides the behemoth
  • 16.GARY MOORE: Over the hills and far away
  • 17.BEHEMOTH: Kriegsphilosophie
  • 18.CATHEDRAL: Ride
  • 19.DREAM EVIL: The book of heavy metal
  • 20.SKYCLAD: The withershins jig
  • 21.EPICA: Deconstruct
  • 22.OPETH: The grand conjuration
  • 23.W.A.S.P.: Animal (Fuck like a beast)
  • 24.WATAIN: Storm of the antichrist
  • 25.GUNS N’ ROSES: It’s so easy
  • 26.STRATOVARIUS: Maniac dance
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen
  • Raymond Smith

May 10 - Sweden Rock

  • Most of the show was about Sweden Rock Festival.
  • 01.BACKSTREET GIRLS: Don’t let me down
  • Sweden Rock:
  • 02.URIAH HEEP: Easy livin’
  • 03.RAGE: Mouth of greed
  • 04.PAIN: Have a drink on me
  • 05.CANDLEMASS: Lucifer rising
  • 06.HAMMERFALL: The fire burns forever
  • 07.TWISTED SISTER: I wanna rock
  • 08.JON OLIVA’S PAIN: Look at the world
  • 09.VOIVOD: Astronomy domine
  • 10.KAMELOT: Rule the world
  • 11.UFO: Outlaw man
  • 12.MOTORHEAD: Doctor rock
  • 13.IN FLAMES: Only for the Weak
  • 14.IMPELLITTERI: Last of a dying breed
  • 15.RIOT: Knockin at my door
  • 16.JOURNEY: A place in your heart
  • 17.FORBIDDEN: Step by step
  • 18.DREAM THEATER: Burning my soul
  • 19.IMMORTAL: My dimension
  • 20.EUROPE: Cherokee
  • 21.HEAVEN & HELL: Bible black
  • 22.BABYLON BOMBS: Louder
  • 23.SOILWORK: Figure number five
  • 24.DEMON: Standing on the edge of the world
  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen

June 1 - Norway Rock / Sweden Rock

Most of the show was about Norwegian Rock Festival, we had a direct phone interview with Ann Frestad from Norwgian Rock Festival & a direct phone interview with Martin Forssman from Sweden Rock Festival.

  • 01.DEF LEPPARD: Let's Get Rocked
  • 02.KISS: Deuce
  • 03.SEBASTIAN BACH: Slave to the Grind
  • 04.ACE FREHLEY: Do Ya
  • Norway Rock Festival
  • 05.STAGE DOLLS: It's Only Love
  • 06.K(NINE): Failed Creation
  • 07.BACKSTREET GIRLS: Don't Let Me Down
  • 08.PAIN: Shut Your Mouth
  • 09.VOLBEAT: Soulweeper #2
  • 11.HELLOWEEN: The Bells of the 7 Hells
  • 12.ALICE COOPER: Brutal Planet
  • 13.AUDREY HORNE: Confessions & Alcohol
  • 14.PAGAN'S MIND: Through Osiri's Eyes
  • 15.SOILWORK: The Pittsburg Syndrome
  • 16.TURBONEGER: Zillion Dollar Sadist
  • 17.MOTORHEAD: Eat the Rich
  • 18.MINISTRY: Hero
  • 19.SATYRICON: Now, Diabolical
  • 20.PRIMORDIAL: Gallows Hymn
  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen

May 4 - Sweden Rock

Part of the show was about Sweden Rock Festival

  • 01.DEEP PURPLE: Anyone's Daughter
  • 02.BEYOND FLAMES: Lords of War
  • 03.PROFANIA: Tombstone
  • 04.INSENSE: The Worst is Yet To Come
  • Sweden Rock Festival:
  • 05.ASTRAL DOORS: Pentecostal Bound
  • 06.SATYRICON: K.I.N.G.
  • 07.PRIMAL FEAR: World on Fire
  • 08.VOLBEAT: The garden's Tale
  • 09.SONIC SYNDICATE: Psychic Suicide
  • 10.TESTAMENT: More Than Meets the Eye
  • 11.AT THE GATES: The Architects
  • 12.JUDAS PRIEST: Living After Midnight
  • 13.SVÖLK: Half Past Dead
  • 14.TESLA: Into the Now
  • 15.ACE FREHLEY: One Plus One
  • 16.CARCASS: Buried Dreams
  • 17.WHITESNAKE: All For Love
  • 18.SAXON: If I Was You
  • 19.MINISTRY: Under My Thumb
  • 20.DEF LEPPARD: Animal
  • 21.STORMWARRIOR: Signe of the Warlord
  • 22.GOTTHARD: Lift 'u' Up
  • 23.AVANTASIA: I Don't Believe in Your Love
  • 24.POISON: Nothin' But A Good Time
  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen

May 20 - Sweden Rock

Most of the show was about the Sweden Rock festival 2007

01. AEROSMITH: Eat the rich (Sweden Rock)

  • 02. HATESPHERE: Sickness within
  • 03. PAIN: Zombie slam
  • 04. TURBONEGER: Are you ready (for some darkness)
  • 05. DROTTNAR: Rullett
  • Sweden Rock
  • 06: BLACK DEBBATH: Motörhedda Gabler
  • 07. ANNIHILATOR: Couple suicide
  • 08. AMON AMARTH: Runes to my memory
  • 09. TRAIL OF TEARS: Point zero
  • 10. SYMPHONY X: The serpent's kiss
  • 11. MARDUK: Cloven hoof
  • 12: THIN LIZZY: Emerald
  • 13. DIMMU BORGIR: The chosen legacy
  • 14. KREATOR: World anarchy
  • 15. AFTER FOREVER: Between love and fire
  • 16. U.D.O.: 24/7
  • 17. SKID ROW: Pulling my heart out from under me
  • 18: TIAMAT: Cain
  • 19: HELLFUELED: Born to rock
  • 20. BLIND GUARDIAN: Another stranger me
  • 21. ICED EARTH: Ten thousand strong
  • 22. KORPIKLAANI: Midsummer night
  • 23. MOTORHEAD: Sucker
  • 24. SCORPIONS: Loving you Sunday morning
  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen

May 21 - Sweden Rock

Most of this show was about Sweden Rock Festival.

  • 01. LORDI: Hard rock hallelujah
  • 02. CLAWFINGER: Hypocrite
  • 03. ZEENON: Post absurd
  • 04. ZYKLON: Psyklon aeon
  • 05. HIGHLAND GLORY: Break the silence
  • Sweden Rock Festival
  • 06. DORO: You’re my family
  • 07. LORD BELIAL: Enter the moonlight gate
  • 08. DRAGONFORCE: Storming the burning fields
  • 09. BONFIRE: Preachers & whores
  • 10. RAISE HELL: City of the damned
  • 11. NEVERMORE: Never purify
  • 12. DEEP PURPLE: Burn
  • 13. CLOUDSCAPE: The last breath
  • 14. ARCH ENEMY: Carry the cross
  • 15. GAMMA RAY: Dethrone tyranny
  • 16. KAMELOT: Farewell
  • 17. VENOM: Welcome to hell
  • 18. EVERGREY: Lost
  • 19. DEF LEPPARD: Rocket
  • 20. EDGUY: Matrix
  • 21. OBITUARY: Blindsided
  • 22. ALICE COOPER: Bed of nails
  • 23. CELTIC FROST: Cherry orchards
  • 24. WHITESNAKE: Still of the night
  • Jørn Livrud
  • Cecilie Nilsen
  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen

January 15 - Circus Maximus

We had an interview with Mads Haugen from Circus Maximus.

The interview was done at Baråtti in Strømmen after the Sweden Rock Kick Off.

  • 01. FREEDOM CALL: We are one
  • 02. MAN MADE MACHINE: Burn to something new
  • 03. BACKSTREET GIRLS: Any minute now
  • 04. AMPLIFIER: Everyday combat
  • 05. EDGUY: Save me
  • 06. SILENT VOICES: Once lost life
  • 07. MAD MAX: To hell and back again
  • 08. AFTER ALL: Reasonable doubt
  • 09. GAMMA RAY: Hell is thy home
  • 11. CIRCUS MAXIMUS: Biosfear
  • 12. CIRCUS MAXIMUS: Why am I here
  • 13. IN FLAMES: Take this life
  • 14. AS WE FIGHT: Bringing it all together
  • 15. SACRIFICUM: I am the enemy
  • 16. THE BLOODLINE: Remember
  • 17. BORKNAGAR: Future reminiscence
  • 18. SINCE BY MAN: Young America
  • 19. SCORNGRAIN: 24/7 hell
  • 20. CEASE.AND.DESIST : We take you for shit
  • 21. DEATHCHAIN: Napalm Satan
  • 22. MÖRK GRYNING:Ingen dyrkan
  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen
  • Reporters:
  • Jørn Livrud
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen

May 22 - Sweden Rock

  • This entire broadcast was about Sweden Rock Festival.
  • 01. Crystal Eyes: Confessions of the maker
  • 02. Force of Evil: Back to hell
  • 03. Anthrax: Metal thrashing mad
  • 04. Megadeth: Blackmail the universe
  • 05. Within Temptation: Stand my ground
  • 06. Thyrfing: Vansinnesvisan
  • 07. Morgana Lefay: Hollow
  • 08. Accept: Son of a bitch
  • 09. Arch Enemy: We will rise
  • 10. Black Label Society: Suicide messiah
  • 11. Helix: Rock U
  • 12. Overkill: Bats in the belfry
  • 13. Symphorce: Speak my mind
  • 14. Hammerfall: Hammer of justice
  • 15. Behemoth: As above so below
  • 16. Vixen: Charmed life
  • 17. Sammy Hagar: There’s only one way to rock
  • 18. We: Thoothgottago
  • 19. Therion: Typhon
  • 20. Pagan’s Mind: Rising Force
  • 21. Yngwie Malmsteen: Rising Force
  • 22. Candlemass: Born in a tank
  • 23. Mötley Crue: Wild side
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen
  • Engineer: Jørn Kruse