December 27

01.BONFIRE: Preachers and whores
02.TARJA: I walk alone
03.SCHELMISH: Überladen
04.TWISTED SISTER: Let it snow
05.CHROME DIVISION: Here comes another one
06.THE KOVENANT: Bizarre cosmic industries
07.RAGNAROK: Blackdoor miracle
08.BELPHEGOR: Kings shall be kings
09.MARDUK: Beast of prey
10.HEAVEN & HELL: Bible black
11.FATES WARNING: Simple human
12.RAM-ZET: Addict
13.CANDLEMASS: Demon of the deep
13.OBLITERATION: Sadistic nekroabortion
14.VISION DIVINE: The final countdown
15.KAMELOT: Call of the sea
16.LAMENTED SOUL: Essence of wounds
17.NECRONOMICON: Pharaoh of Gods
18.DOMINANZ: From skin to heart
19.DARK FUNERAL: Stigmata
20.KING DIAMOND: Christmas

Knut Ivar Jacobsen
Raymond Smith