December 20

01.W.A.S.P.: The heretic
02.ELIS: Twinkling shadow
03.PAIN: Have a drink on me
04.SLUG SYNDICATE: Keyworkian bloodworks
05.TWISTED SISTER: I'll be home for Christmas
06.URGEHAL: Cut their tongue, shut their prayer
07.PARADISE LOST: As horizons end
08.AC/DC: Thunderstruck
09.PALPATINE RISING: Rite of passage
10.SUSPERIA: Bound to come
11.THE KOVENANT: The sulphur feast
13.LUX DIVINA: Bloody herbs of revenge
14.RIMFROST: Veraldar nagli
15.ARCH ENEMY: Beast of man
16.IRON MAIDEN: Infinite dreams
17.WATAIN: Satans hunger
18.FINNTROLL: Krigsmjöd
19.FORBIDDEN FOREST: Speak of me
20.BACKSTREET GIRLS: One for the road
21.TWISTED SISTER: Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen