January 3 - Top 2009

We presented our personal top 5 albums for 2009

01.ANGRA: Live and learn
02.K.J.PRIMAL FEAR: Six times dead (16.6) – 16.6
03.J.L.SUSPERIA: The one after all – Attitude
04.R.S.IMMORTAL: The rise of darkness – All shall fall
05.K.J.EPICA: Deconstruct – Design your universe
06.J.L.MASTODON: Crack the skye – Crack the skye
07.R.S.RAMMSTEIN: Ich tu dir weh – Liebe ist für alle da
08.K.J.IMMORTAL: Arctic swarm – All shall fall
09.J.L.KREATOR: Amok run – Hordes of chaos
10.R.S.ACE FREHLEY: Outer space – Anomaly
11.K.J.TRAIL OF TEARS: Take aim, reclaim, prevail – Bloodstained Endurance
12.J.L.KATATONIA: The longest year – Night is the new day
13.R.S.KISS: Modern day Delilah – Sonic Boom
14.K.J.CANDLEMASS: Hammer of doom – Death magic doom
15.J.L.ABSU: Of the dead who never rest in their tombs are the attendance of familiar spirit – Absu
16.R.S.PARADISE LOST: as horizons end – Faith divides us death unites us
The listeners
17.MISTUR: Armod – Attende
18.AC/DC: Anything goes – Black ice
19.MEGADETH: This day we fight – Endgame

20.AVENGED SEVENFOLD: Trashed and scattered
21.ACE FREHLEY: Fracture quantum

Knut Ivar Jacobsen
Jørn Livrud
Raymond Smith