December 23

01.AC/DC: Mistress for Christmas
02.GUARDIANS OF TIME: Valhalla awaits
03.AUGUST BURNS RED: Winter wilderness
04.BACKSTREET GIRLS: Boogie my life away
06.TEN: Be as you are forever
07.ACCEPT: Winter dreams
08.DORO: Freunde fürs leben
09.TWISTED SISTER: Have yourself a merry little Christmas
10.PALACE: Tears of Gaia
11.STEEL PANTHER: Sexy Santa
12.HOLTER: Worlds on fire
13.HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD: Bloody nose
14.PHOENIX: When I needed you most
15.HALFORD: Oh, holy night
16.CANDLEMASS: Darkness in paradise
17.KING DIAMOND: No presents for Christmas
18.METHEDRAS: Stab me again
19.FORBIDDEN FOREST: Ville vakre skoger
20.PERFECT NME: Legion
22.IN THE WOODS...: Strike up with the dawn
23.PRIMUS: Haila Santa

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

July 1 - Norway Rock

Part of the show was about Norway Rock Festival 2018. Phone interview with Kjell Arne (Kelly) Aamot from the festival.

01.JUDAS PRIEST: Living after midnight
02.RAZORBATS: Kid’s of the 70’s
03.THE OFFSPRING: Original prankster
04.RETURN: Bye, bye Johnny
05.RADIOJÖRN: Drege deg ner
06.BIG CITY: From this day
07.BEAST IN BLACK: Go to hell
08.PLAYBOYS: Håylah
09.AVATAR: Smells like a freak show
10.HEARTLESS: Love on the rocks
11.TURBONEGER: All my friends are dead
12.NIGHTWISH: End of all hope
14.BLOODY HEELS: Cheap little liar
15.FROG LEAP: Hello
16.INGLORIOUS: I don’t need your loving
17.OSLO ESS: Bislett stadion
18.STATUS QUO: Caroline
19.BACKSTREET GIRLS: Boogie my life away
20.ACCEPT: Up to the limit
21.GARTNERLOSJEN: Kinosangen
22.FORBIDDEN FOREST: Ville vakre skoger
23.CANNIBAL CORPSE: Pounded into dust

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

Norway Rock 2018.jpg

April 16

01.IRON MAIDEN: 22 acacia avenue
02.ALFAHANNE: Dödsmaskin
03.SAXON: Princess of the night
04.ECLIPSE: Never look back
05.DEEP PURPLE: On top of the world
06.TANKARD: Arena of true lies
07.BLACK STAR RIDER: Dancing with the wrong girl
08.RAGE: The final curtain
11.TESTAMENT: Souls of black
12.LIFE OF AGONY: World gone mad
13.MAGICK TOUCH: Wildfire
14.SAPPHIRE EYES: A man the world can do without
16.MADDER MORTEM: Fallow season
17.SOEN: Lucidity
18.FORBIDDEN FOREST: Ville vakre skoger
19.DEMOLITION HAMMER: .44 caliber brain surgery
20.DARK TRANQUILITY: Dream oblivion
21.CADAVER DISPOSAL: The ancient order
22.WATAIN: Kiss of death

Raymond Smith
Oddgeir Gitlestad
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

February 12

01.ANTHRAX: Among the living
02.FIGHT THE FIGHT: The edge
03.THUNDER: She likes the cocaine
04.STATUS QUO: No contract
05.SAXON: 747 (Strangers in the night)
06.AYREON: The day that the world breaks down
07.ENBOUND: Crossroad
08.SONIC SYNDICATE: Still believe
09.FORBIDDEN FOREST: Ville vakre skoger
10.THE JUNIOR VARSITY: Everyone's got something they're running out of
11.SICK OF IT ALL: Us vs. them
13.SED: Establo
14.OBITUARY: Turned to stone
15.MARDUK: The black tormentor of Satan
16.IMMOLATION: Destructive currents
17.DARK TRANQUALITY: The dividing line
18.ONCE HUMAN: Mass murder frenzy
19.THE CRAWLING: An immaculate deception
20.GORGOROTH: Of ice and movement

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

May 25

01.U.D.O.: Timebomb
02.THE WHO: Behind blue eyes
03.SABATON: No bullets fly
04.KISS: All hell's breaking loose
05.FORBIDDEN FOREST: End of stories
06.WARTEX: Caged anger
07.GOJIRA: Explosia
08.GHOST: Secular haze
09.MASTODON: Black tongue
10.SLAYER: South of heaven
11.METALLICA: Ride the lightning
12.EXHORDER: Desecrator
13.WYRUZ: Fury
14.FORGERY: Anatomy of pain
15.DEAD TROOPER: Reaping of your cries
16.EMPEROR: The burning shadows of silence
18.BETRAYING THE MARTYRS: Man made disaster
19.AFTER THE BURIAL: A steady decline
20.BORN OF OSIRIS: Empires erased
21.DEAD POINT: A reason to live
22.BLACK ANVIL: My hate is pure
23.NECROPHOBIC: Taste of black

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

May 4 - Wartex

Morten Paulsen & Stian Johnskareng from Wartex visited out studio.

01.METALLICA: Harvester of sorrow
02.TERAMAZE: Esoteric symbolism
03.SEX PISTOLS: My way
04.GLORYFUL: Ocean blade
05.EUROPE: Rock the night
06.VOYAGER: Peacekeeper
07.UPSTROKES: Got alot to say
08.NOFX: Stoke exinguisher
09.KISS: The oath
10.SONIC YOUTH: Kool thing
11.SØRGEKÅPE: Manerer i hvitt
12.TORE ST MOREN: The day we met
13.SILENT OPERA: Nightmare circus
14.WARTEX: Caged anger
15.WARTEX: Deathroll
16.WARTEX: Every drop of blood
17.FORBIDDEN FOREST: United stains
18.WYRUZ: Carved in stone
19.DEATHRAGE: Nobody was here
20.COLDWAR: Ghost dance
21.PESTILENCE: Out of body

Raymond Smith

March 9 - Blodsmak


Steinar Evant & Lasse Bjørnar Andersen from Blodsmak visited our studio.

01.PANTERA: Shedding skin
02.ELYSION: Someplace better
03.PRIMAL FEAR: When death comes knocking
04.KISS: Goin' blind
05.DESTRUCTION: City of doom
06.BLODSMAK: Sveltihel
07.BLODSMAK: Farande fant
08.BLODSMAK: Av jord er me komne
09.FORBIDDEN FOREST: End of stories
10.DISNEYLAND AFTER DARK: Call of the wild
11.GRAND MAGUS: Steel versus steel
12.BRUCE KULICK: I can't breathe
13.TESLA: Hang tough
14.MOTORPSYCHO: Hell, part 1 – 3
15.FALKENBACH: Bronzen embrace
16.SHRAPNEL: Titan
17.A STORM OF LIGHT: All the shining lies
19.IMMOLATION: Kingdom of conspiracy

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

January 12 - Atena

Vebjørn & Simen from Atena visited our studio

01.BRAINSTORM: Fire walk with me
02.LOVER UNDER COVER: Into the shadows
03.NITERAIN: Hey baby
04.TNT: Intuition
05.TAD MOROSE: Beneath a veil of crying souls
06.CHROME DIVISION: Long distance call girl
08.KVELERTAK: Månelyst
09.ATENA: Apex predator
10.ATENA: Kids
11.ATENA: Backstabber
12.SHINING: I won't forget
13.JAGGED VISION: Lose control
14.KYLESA: Vulture's landing
17.SARKOM: Embraced you shall be
18.OBLITERATION: Goat skull crown
19.BEATEN TO DEATH: True norwegian internet metal warrior
20.BENEA REACH: Fallen
21.ANSUR: Post-apocalyptic wastelands
22.SATYRICON: Tro og kraft
23.SEPTICFLESH: Geometry in static

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

November 24

01.EDGUY: Vain glory opera
02.NITERAIN: Make my day
03.PLACE VENDOME: Never too late
04.THE CARBURETORS: Rock'n roll forever
05.DAMNATIONS DAY: Carried above the sun
06.GHOST: Ritual
07.BLACK TRIP: Radar
09.VOLBEAT: The namless one
11.ANNIHILATOR: Demon code
12.MOTORHEAD: Heartbreaker
15.THE FALLEN DIVINE: Shades of oppression
16.QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE: My god is the sun
17.SEPULTURA: The Vatican
18.DEICIDE: Sacrificial suicide
19.OBLITERATION: Goat skull crown
20.CARCASS: Unfit for human consumption
21.AMON AMARTH: Warriors of the north
22.KEEP OF KALESSIN: Many are we

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

October 6

  • 01.KIX: Hot wire
  • 02.ILLUSION SUITE: Nostradamus' first prophecy
  • 03.TROUBLED HORSE: Tainted water
  • 04.HORISONT: Time warrior
  • 06.BLACK SABBATH: The shining
  • 07.FORBIDDEN FOREST: Vanity & pride
  • 08.VIAJE A 800: Solo
  • 09.TYR: Shadow of the swastika
  • 10.SLUG SYNDICATE: Shitgun
  • 11.ROYAL THUNDER: No good
  • 12.BARONESS: The birthing
  • 14.IHSAHN: Regen
  • 15.PESTILENCE: Prophetic revelations
  • 16.SHOT AT DAWN: Battle royale
  • 17.EXPLODING HEAD SYNDROME: Taste of blood
  • 19.HYPOCRISY: End of disclosure
  • 20.CANNIBAL ACCIDENT: Dawn of the dead
  • 21.MÅNEGARM: Legion of the north
  • 22.NAPALM DEATH: Twist the knife
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen
  • Raymond Smith

September 1

  • 01.IRON MAIDEN: Run to the hills
  • 02.NOTHING: Dig
  • 03.MASTERPLAN: Black night of magic
  • 04.UNSHINE: The oath to wilderness of unredeemed nature
  • 05.ANNIHILATOR: No way out
  • 06.RAMMSTEIN: Mein herz brennt
  • 07.CIRCUS MAXIMUS: Game of life
  • 08.BLACK SABBATH: Never say die
  • 09.OUTSHINE: Working class
  • 10.PARADISE LOST: Solitary one
  • 11.FORBIDDEN FOREST: Call of the wild
  • 12.SHOOT THE BREEZE: Sword don't fit
  • 13.ICS VORTEX: Windward
  • 14.THRUDVANGAR: Sonnenwende
  • 15.RAVAGE MACHINERY: Collapse to retaliate
  • 16.BRING OUT THE GIMP: Karma is a devious cunt
  • 17.IMPIETY: Ravage & conquer
  • 18.DARKTHRONE: Cromlech
  • 19.BEYOND CREATION: Injustice revealed
  • 20.SATYRICON: Our world, it rumbles tonight
  • 21.HEAVEN SHALL BURN: Like gods among mortals
  • 22.RAGNAROK: Face into obscurity
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen
  • Raymond Smith

August 11 - Music Of Mass Destruction

  • Steffen Overaa from the festival Music of Mass Destruction visited our studio
  • 01.GRIM REAPER: See you in hell
  • 02.TNT: Intuition
  • 03.MANOWAR: Expendable
  • 04.CINDERELLA: Love gone bad
  • 05.FAIR WARNING: Man in the mirror
  • 06.BLACK SABBATH: Sabbath bloody sabbath
  • 07.PHILIP H.ANSELMO AND THE ILLEGALS: Walk through exits only
  • 08.PARADISE LOST: Hallowed land
  • Music Of..
  • 09.THEFALLS: These ghosts are real
  • 10.FORBIDDEN FOREST: Revelation
  • 11.KAMBODSJA: Behind black fire
  • 12.NEXT LIFE: Anti matter
  • 13.TÖMMERMENN: Sorte menn
  • 14.BENEA REACH: Fallen
  • 15.KOLDBRANN: Drammen
  • ..Mass Destruction
  • 16.ORPHANED LAND: Fail
  • 17.EMPEROR: Cosmic keys to my creations & times
  • 18.DARK TRANQUILITY: Uniformity
  • 19.PEST:A face obscured by death
  • 20.MAYHEM: Buried by time and dust
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen
  • Raymond Smith

January 13 - Forbidden Forest

  • Interview with Kenneth Brastad from Forbidden Forest
  • 01.OZZY OSBOURNE: Perry mason
  • 02.BARBE Q BARBIES: Love machine
  • 03.SCORPIONS: Passion rules the game
  • 04.LOVE.MIGHT.KILL: Pretty little mess
  • 05.ACELSIA: The mender
  • 06.KERION: Bounty hunter
  • 07.BADLANDS: Hard driver
  • 08.KISS: Hell or hallelujah
  • 09.FORBIDDEN FOREST: Revelation
  • 10.FORBIDDEN FOREST: Call of the wild (VI)
  • 11.FORBIDDEN FOREST: Vanity & Pride
  • 12.MOGHUL: Dead empires
  • 13.SLAYER: War ensamble
  • 14.KRAKOW: Future past
  • 15.COR SCORPII: Our fate, our curse
  • 16.VULTURE INDUSTRIES: Of branded blood
  • 17.HELHEIM: Åasgards fall part 1
  • 18.DEATH: Suicide machine
  • Raymond Smith

December 23

  • 01.TWISTED SISTER: White christmas
  • 02.INSTANZIA: Charming deceiver
  • 03.DANGER ZONE: Undying
  • 04.BACKSTREET GIRLS: Any minute now
  • 05.MÅRRAN: Kom in i min värld
  • 06.KISS: Nothin' to lose
  • 07.DESTRUCTION: To dust you will decay
  • 08.SCORPIONS: Lady starlight
  • 09.AVANTASIA: Another angel down
  • 10.BLACK SABBATH: Headless cross
  • 11.OVERKILL: Old wounds, new scars
  • 12.MOTORFINGER: Fuel
  • 13.FORBIDDEN FOREST: Vanity & pride
  • 14.CARAVELLUS: When the night has fallen
  • 15.KING DIAMOND: Christmas
  • 16.THE OTHER: Nice day for a funeral
  • 17.GOD SEED: Aldrande tre
  • 18.MOONSPELL: Moon in mercury
  • 19.RATTENFÄNGER: Victa lacet virtus
  • 20.NAGLFAR: Bring out your dead
  • 21.CHUCK BILLY: Silent night
  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen

December 16

  • 01.STRATOVARIUS: I walk to my own song
  • 02.GALDERIA: Children of the earth
  • 03.GRAVE DIGGER: Medusa
  • 04.TED NUGENT: Hammerdown
  • 05.BIG LIFE: Dying day
  • 06.AUDREY HORNE: Confessions & alcohol
  • 07.STONE SOUR: Absolute zero
  • 08.SCORPIONS: Loving you sunday morning
  • 09.ASSASSIN: Destroy the state
  • 10.ASYLUM PYRE: Dead in Copenhagen
  • 11.FORBIDDEN FOREST: Revelation
  • 12.THUNDERBOLT: Fight
  • 13.SABATON: Primo Victoria
  • 14.BERKOWITZ: Dictate destruction
  • 15.EPHEL DUATH: Black prism
  • 16.LAMB OF GOD: Ghost walking
  • 17.EISREGEN: Das kleine leben
  • 18.MAYHEM: Freezing moon
  • 19.NATTEFROST: Sluts of hell
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen
  • Raymond Smith

July 29

  • 01.CONCEPTION: Roll the fire
  • 02.MARILLION: These chains
  • 03.THE OTHER: Puppet on a string
  • 04.ACE FREHLEY: Hide your heart
  • 06.TNT: Engine
  • 07.FORBIDDEN FOREST: Call of the wild
  • 08.GAMMA RAY: Dethrone tyranny
  • 09.WARRIOR SOUL: Let's get wasted
  • 10.D.R.I.: Balance of terror
  • 11.LEAVES' EYES: New found land
  • 12.OVERKILL: Drop the hammer down
  • 13.PREDATORY VIOLENCE: Always on the prowl
  • 14.DARKWELL: Blackheart
  • 15.KRÅKE: Ed
  • 16.ETERNAL OATH: In despair for my sins
  • 17.MOONSPELL: For a taste of eternity
  • 18.FAANEFJELL: Faanetrollets vise
  • 19.CATUVOLCUS: Par monts et par vaux
  • 20.ASARU: Nebel
  • 21.CRADLE OF FILTH: Lilith immaculate
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen
  • Raymond Smith

May 20

  • 01.RHAPSODY: The last angel's call
  • 02.ATLANTYCA: Time after time
  • 03.TURBONEGER: Are you ready
  • 04.CROSSED KEYS: Zombie paradise
  • 05.TWISTED SISTER: Leader of the pack
  • 06.SAINT VITUS: Born too late
  • 07.SEX PISTOLS: God save the queen
  • 08.LITA FORD: Branded
  • 09.CARAVELLUS: When the night has fallen
  • 10.FORBIDDEN FOREST: United stains
  • 11.HELLOWEEN: The invisible man
  • 12.MANTICORA: Intoxicated
  • 13.MINISTRY: Double trap
  • 14.METALLICA: Hit the lights
  • 15.SHINING (N): In the kingdom of kitsch you will be a monster
  • 16.GROMTH: Philosopher
  • 17.AEON THRONE: Beyond death
  • 18.NAUMACHIA: Voyeristic life abuser
  • 19.URGEHAL: Dødelagt
  • 20.WATCH ME BLEED: The world stops moving
  • 21.ZYKLON: Disintegrate
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen
  • Raymond Smith

April 22

  • 01.KAMELOT: Center of the universe
  • 02.TAKIDA: Never alone always alone
  • 03.PAGAN'S MIND: Revolation to the end
  • 04.AC/DC: Thunderstruck
  • 05.UNISONIC: My sanctuary
  • 06.TINDRUM: I was made for rock'n roll
  • 07.TWISTED SISTER: The beast
  • 08.DEEP PURPLE: King of dreams
  • 09.ANDREW W.K.: Party hard
  • 10.GHOST (N): The engraving
  • 11.FORBIDDEN FOREST: Call of the wild
  • 12.METALLICA: The god that failed
  • 13.OVERKILL: Electric rattlesnake
  • 14.ENTOMBED: Rotten soil
  • 15.DIMMU BORGIR: Vredesbyrd
  • 16.DØDSGAP: Pagan legacy
  • 17.DIMENSION F3H: Reaping the world wind
  • 18.MINISTRY: Relapse
  • 19.NAPALM DEATH: Caught in a dream
  • 20.ENSLAVED: Lifandi lif undir hamri
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen
  • Raymond Smith

March 25

  • 01.HELLOWEEN: Future world
  • 02.FAIR WARNING: Longing for love
  • 03.RIVAL SONS: Face of light
  • 04.KISS: Rock bottom
  • 05.NIGHTWISH: Last ride of the day
  • 06.DEVIL'S TRAIN: Coming home
  • 07.VAIN: So free now
  • 08.BLACK DEBBATH: Datidas Black debbath
  • 09.SILVERSTEIN: My disaster
  • 10.CROW7: Spawn of evil
  • 11.FORBIDDEN FOREST: Call of the wild
  • 12.METALLICA: Through the never
  • 13.WARTEX: The ugly
  • 14.AXEL RUDI PELL: Before I die
  • 15.EXODUS: The toxic waltz
  • 16.TRACEDAWN: You're fired
  • 17.DARKEST HOUR: Tunguska
  • 18.DJERV: Headstone
  • 19.EINHERJER: Atter på malmtings blodige voll
  • 20.ARCTURUS: Evacuation code deciphered
  • 21.VADER: Return to the morbid reich
  • 22.SEITA: Baptism
  • 23.STYGGMYR: Necro fuck
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen
  • Raymond Smith

January 8

  • 01.UGLY KID JOE: Neighbor
  • 02.ERIC CARR: No one's messin' with you
  • 04.THIN LIZZY: Whisky in the jar
  • 05.CANS: Fields of yesterday
  • 06.AVANTASIA: The seven angels
  • 07.DREAM THEATER: Build me up, break me down
  • 08.AC/DC: Highway to hell
  • 09.DEMONS & WIZARDS: Fiddler on the green
  • 10.MASTODON: All the heavy lifting
  • 11.ALESTORM: Rum
  • 12.RAMMSTEIN: Rammstein
  • 13.SLUG SYNDICATE: Carriers of a new anomaly
  • 14.FORBIDDEN FOREST: Call of the wild
  • 15.ROLLINS BAND: Liar
  • 16.EINHERJER: Varden brenne
  • 17.SOLSTAFIR: Svartir sandar
  • 18.VESEN: Ugly
  • Jørn Livrud
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen
  • Raymond Smith