October 9

01.PANTERA: Cemetery gates
02.SAXON: Heavy metal thunder
03.NARNIA: Who do you follow
05.NIGHTWISH: Yours is an empty hope
06.TNT: Break the ice
08.SABATON: Gott mit uns
09.MESHIAAK: Drowning, fading,falling
10.AIRBOURNE: Rocked like this
11.HANSEN & FRIENDS: Contract song
12.OPETH: The wilde flowers
13.EPICA: Edge of the blade
14.DEEP PURPLE: Knocking at your backdoor
15.METALLICA: Moth into flame
16.NOT ABOVE EVIL: When the day comes
17.NEMESIS: Angel of the damned
18.MAYHEM: Cursed in eternity
19.VINGULMORK: (I am) the darkness you can touch
20.THE CRAWLING: Catatonic

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen