October 16 - 1001 Watt

Part of the show was about 1001Watt festival

01.MOTÖRHEAD: Ace of spades
02.PAIN: A wannabe
04.BRUCE DICKINSON: Tattooed millionaire
05.ÅRABROT: Scopes monkey - the jack
06.PELANDER: Umbrealla
07.BARE EGIL BAND: Tagging
08.TIMEWAVES: Resurrection
09.PANZERGEIL: Solarbed crackhead
10.RIBOZYME: Bronze
11.THE CARBURETORS: God damn (it's good to be right)
12.ATENA: Firstborn
13.VINGULMORK: Hold your ground
14.ENGEL: Denial
15.CORRODED: Time and again
16.AMARANTHE: That song
17.AC/DC: Heatseeker
18.SABBAT: Do dark horses dream of nightmares
19.WIG WAM: Gonna get you someday
20.THE LEGION GHOST: Carry the cross
21.MAYHEM: Pagan fears
22.BRUJERIA: No aceptan imitaciones
23.ANCESTOR: From the heights to the abyss
24.BLOOD RED THRONE: Ravenous war machine

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen