October 2

01.AYREON: Age of shadows
02.SONATA ARCTICA: Closer to an animal
03.STAND BY: War and misery
05.MARILYN MANSON: Coma white
06.AMARANTHE: That song
07.JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS: I love rock'n roll
08.CROBOT: Not for sale
09.MAMA KIN: In the city
10.THE BARONS: Live fast, die loud
11.S.O.D.: Kill yourself
12.OPETH: Will o the wisp
13.VEIL OF MAYA: Mikasa
14.BORN OF OSIRIS: Illuminate
15.QUAKE THE EARTH: The ash of phoenix
16.HOUR OF ANGUISH: Farewell to the flesh
17.SAGNTID: Flesh, and for what?
18.MAYHEM: Freezing moon
19.BRUJERIA: Plata o plomo
20.MESHIAAK: Chronicles of the dead
21.RINGWORM: Snake church
22.URGEHAL: Cut their tongue shut their prayer

Raymond Smith