June 5

01.ACCEPT: Balls to the wall
02.FILTER: Nothing in my hands
03.RATT: Round and round
04.AIRBAG: Slave
05.IRON SAVIOR: Condition red
06.OZZY OSBOURNE: Over the mountain
07.STEVE VAI: Erotic nightmare
08.SYMPHONY X: Underworld
09.GHOST: Absolution
10.IRON MAIDEN: Speed of light
11.HAKEN: Earthrise
12.MOTÖRHEAD: Born to lose
13.WARTEX: Dirty little secret
14.AINA: Rebellion
15.MEFISTO: Act dead
16.BURY TOMORROW: Last night
17.DESTROYER 666: Hounds at ya back
18.DEAFHEAVEN: Brought to the water
19.FINNTROLL: Under bergets rot
20.LEGION OF THE DAMNED: Son of the jackel

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen