May 8

01.VAN HALEN: Jump
02.DIAMOND HEAD: Shout at the devil
03.GRAND MAGUS: Forged in iron – crowned in steel
04.RONNI LE TEKRØ: Muddy waters
05.AUNT MARY: Unconditional love
06.ACE FREHLEY: Street fighting man
07.MÖTLEY CRÜE: Too fast for love
08.BLAZE BAYLEY: A thousand years
09.CHARTA 77: Lille björn och lilla tiger
10.CULT OF LUNA: Back to chapel town
11.JUDAS PRIEST: Revelations
12.MOTÖRHEAD: Killers
13.LODY KONG: The dangerous quest
14.AMON AMARTH: On a sea of blood
15.OBITUARY: Back on top
16.SKITARG: Jag bryter nacken av din häst
17.ENDEZZMA: Swansong of a giant
18.URGEHAL: Kniven rider dypt i natt
19.ARCTURUS: Ad astra

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen