June 12 - Tons Of Rock

All of the show was about Tons Of Rock 2016.

01.BLUES PILLS: High class woman
02.VREID: Solverv
03.RIVAL SONS: Keep on swinging
04.RAGA ROCKERS: Noen å hate
05.PIL & BUE: No is the answer
06.BLACK SABBATH: Paranoid
07.KRAKOW: Genesis
08.EL CACO: Sickness
09.EUROTRASH: Digital heroes
10.SIXX:AM: Rise
11.MORK: En sti inn i Remmendalen
12.BLACK DEBBATH: Til hælvete med Munchmuseet!
13.ALICE COOPER: School's out
15.MGLA: Exercises in futility I
16.GHOST: He is
17.AMMUNITION: Shanghaied
18.PAIN: Shut your mouth
19.AMON AMARTH: One thousand burning arrows
20.RED HARVEST: Omnipotent
21.EUROPE: Rock the night
22.MEGADETH: Hangar 18
23.BEHEMOTH: Blow your trumpets Gabriel
24.NEKROMANTHEON: Blood wisdom

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen