January 10

01.URIAH HEEP: Gypsy
02.AVATARIUM: The girl with the raven mask
03.RONNY PØBEL: Penga går som faen
04.RIBOZYME: Bronze
05.KISS: Rock and roll hell
06.ANTHRAX: Evil twin
07.FOR TODAY: Bitter roots
08.MOTORHEAD: Overkill
09.POINT BLANK (N): Camoflage
10.PICTURE ANN: Moody sucker
11.AMORPHIS: Under the red cloud
12.MEGADETH: Mary Jane
13.GRAVEYARD: Too much is not enough
14.MINISTRY: Roadhouse blues
16.DIAMOND LANE: The enemy
17.LOST SOCIETY: I am the antidote
18.SATYRICON: Forhekset
19.DAUDEN: My soul will be damned forever
20.BLOOD RED THRONE: Dødens makt
21.SOILWORK: Enemies in fidelity
22.DISCHARGE: New world order
23.SARKOM: Bestial supremacy

Raymond Smith