January 3

Jørn presents his top 5 albums of 2015

01.A.R.K.: Burn the sun
02.LUCA TURILLI'S RHAPSODY: Il cigno nero (reloaded)
03.MOTORHEAD: Motorhead
04.MEAT LOAF: Bat out of hell
05.AVANTASIA: Mystery of a blood red rose
06.PIL & BUE: Fire
07.EL CACO: Sickness
08.KING DIAMOND: Is anybody here?
Jørn Livrud:
09.05.KYLESA: Lost and confused – Exhausting Fire
10.04.ENSLAVED: One thousand years of rain – In Times
11.03.ANEKDOTEN: Get out alive – Until All The Ghosts Are Gone
12.02.STEVEN WILSON: Home invasion – Hand Cannot Erase
13.01.GHOST: Absolution – Meloria
14.THURSDAY: Standing on the edge of summer
15.SATYRICON: The dawn of a new age
16.LAMB OF GOD: 512
17.FEAR FACTORY: Regenerate
18.NILE: Liber stellae rubae
19.MY DYING BRIDE: To shiver in empty halls

Jørn Livrud
Raymond Smith