January 17 - Sjodogg

Espen Slotsvik from Sjodogg visited our studio

01.RAMMSTEIN: Rammstein
02.THE DARKNESS: I am Santa
03.MONSTER TRUCK: Don't tell me how to live
04.BRUCE DICKINSON: All the young dudes
05.MOTÖRHEAD: Bomber
06.GENTLEMANS PISTOLS: Devil's advocate on call
07.KISS: Living in sin
08.FATAL IMPACT: Mindwar
09.MINDTECH: Lost in a dream
10.TRIOSPHERE: The sentinel
11.ONDT BLOD: Nye lydspor
12.UNDER EDEN: The savage circle
14.MELECHESH: Mystics of the pillar
15.SJODOGG: Deformed and bloated
16.SJODOGG: Both feet in the grave
17.SJODOGG: The beat of your demise
18.SJODOGG: He dragged his shadow across the land
19.EXTOL: Betrayal
20.SATYRICON: Mother north

Raymond Smith