February 21

01.GARY MOORE: Over the hills and far away
02.SIMO: Two timin'
03.AVANTASIA: Seduction of decay
04.MICHAEL BOLTON: Everybody's crazy
05.AUNT MARY: Happily ever after
06.BLACK STONE CHERRY: In our dreams
07.BACKSTREET GIRLS: Hangover in Hamburg
08.SKID ROW: Monkey business
09.PRIMAL FEAR: Rulebreaker
10.MEMORIZED DREAMS: Gates of heaven
11.EUROTRASH: The other side
12.OSLO ESS: Midnatt
13.MOTÖRHEAD: Orgasmatron
14.STAGE DOLLS: Into the fire
15.MOSE GIGANTICUS: The great deceiver
16.MACHINE HEAD: Game over
17.ROTTING CHRIST: For a voice like thunder
18.DREAM THEATER: A better life
19.DARKNESS FALL: Waiting to die
20.RIBOZYME: Bronze
21.MÅNEGARM: En fallen fader

Knut Ivar Jacobsen
Raymond Smith