February 14 - Blasfest

All of the show was about Blastfest 2016

01.CHROME DIVISION: Bulldogs unleashed
02.VIPER SOLFA: The toxic thousands
03.EXECRATION: Fleshfire
04.THRONE OF KATARSIS: Lysets endeligt
05.GORGOROTH: Burn in his light
06.AUDIOPAIN: Holy toxic
07.SOLEFALD: Det siste landskap (An Icelandic odessy part IV)
08.FUNERAL: From these wounds
09.ARCTURUS: Angst
10.DJEVEL: Om prest og pest
11.1349: Slaves
12.THE 3RD ATTEMPT: Torment nation
13.NEKROMANTHEON: Rise, vulcan spectre
14.IHSAHN: Mass darkness
15.KHOLD: Hundre år gammal
17.EINHERJER: Dragons of the north
18.RED HARVEST: The harder they fall
19.GREEN CARNATION: Between the gentle small and the standing tall
20.ANCIENT: Fuel the flames
21.EL CACO: In limbo
22.ABBATH: To war!

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen