February 28

01.SINERGY: The bitch is back
02.WITCHCRAFT: The outcast
03.PIL & BUE: Nevermind
04.ÅRABROT: Fumble finger
05.OSLO FAENSKAP: No skin no armor
06.BLACK STONE CHERRY: In our dreams
07.PICTURES OF PAIN: The storm
08.METAL CHURCH: Killing your time
09.MONSTER TRUCK: Don't tell me how to live
10.MOTÖRHEAD: Eat the rich
11.THE HELLACOPTERS: By the grace of god
12.PICTURE ANN: Dystopian logic
13.BEAUTALITY: Einfallen
14.WE ARE WOLF: Prime time
15.INCITE: The slaughter
16.KING PARROT: Need no savior
17.SOULFLY: Live life hard
18.HELHEIM: Åsgards fall IV
19.THE CRAWLING: The right to crawl
20.SAMAEL: With the gleam of the torches

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen