April 7 - Inferno Metal Festival


The show was about Inferno Metal Festival. Runar Pettersen from the festival visited our studio.

01.SVARTTJERN: Desolate predictions
03.AURA NOIR: The black metal jaw
04.INCULTER: Final darkness
05.WITCHCRAFT: It’s not because of you
06.URFAUST: A curse in cosmic mediatation
07.DIMMU BORGIR: Mourning palace
08.RAGNAROK: Dominance and submission
09.SKOGEN: Når solen bleknar bort
10.HYPOCRISY: Roswell 47
11.IMPALED NAZARENE: Armageddon death squade
12.GAAHLS WYRD: From the spear
13.MORK: I flammenes favn
15.ARCHGOAT: The apocalyptic tiumphator
16.CARACH ANGREN: Bitte töte mich
17.1349: Riders of the apocalypse
18.OPETH: Sorceress

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen


March 18 - Inferno Metal Fest


All of the show was about Inferno Metal Festival.
Runar Pettersen from the festival visited our studio

01.ODIUM: The sad realm of the stars
02.NAGLFAR: As the twilight gave birth to the night
03.SHINING: Gyllene portarnas bro
04.DARK FUNERAL: The secrets of the black arts
05.ONE TAIL, ONE HEAD: The splendour of the trident tyger
06.OBITUARY: ’Til death
07.MEPHORASH: Chalice of Thagirion
08.ORIGIN: Accident and error
09.EMPEROR: Thus spake the nightspirit
10.NECROPHOBIC: Mark of the necrogram
11.NORDJEVEL: Djevelen i nord
12.MEMORIAM: Nothing remains
13.IHSAHN: Arcana imperii
14.SATYRICON: Du som hater gud
15.DJEVEL: Det svartner paa likbleik hud
17.ELECTRIC WIZARD: See you in hell
18.GRAVE: Into the grave
19.CARPATHIAN FOREST: Black shining leather

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

Runar Petteresn & Knut Ivar Jacobsen

Runar Petteresn & Knut Ivar Jacobsen

April 2 - Inferno Metal Fest

Runar Pettersen from Inferno Metal Festival visited out studio

01.HELHEIM: Jernskogen
02.VENOM: Harder than ever
03.AZARATH: Let my blood become his flesh
04.DESTRUCTION: Nailed to the cross
05.CARCASS: Corporal jigsore quandary
06.INSIDIOUS DISEASE: Rituals of bloodshed
07.ANAAL NATHRAKH: Powerslave
08.SAMAEL: Baphoment's throne
09.CROWBAR: Fixation
10.GORGOROTH: Profetens åpenbaring
11.AUDN: Landvættur
12.SLAGMAUR: Ja vi elsker dette landet
13.ZHRINE: Spewing gloom
14.PRIMORDIAL: Empire falls
16.BELPHEGOR: Gasmask terror
17.SVARTIDAUDI: Deathtrip
18.ABBATH: Ashes to the damned

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

April 3 - The Crawling

Interview with The Crawling. Recorded during The Inferno Festival

01.METALLICA: Master of puppets
02.CIRCUS MAXIMUS: Highest bitter
03.IQ: Red dust shadow
04.PETRA: Midnight oil
05.JADED HEART: Seven gates of hell
06.BLACK DEBBATH: Til hælvete med Munchmuseet!
07.GROOVENOM: New wave of mainstream
08.TIEBREAKER: Trembling son
09.HORISONT: Blind
10.METAL CHURCH: No tomorrow
11.ANGELSEED: Dancing with the ghosts
12.KARMA TO BURN: Thirty four
13.TURISAS: To Holmgard and beyond
14.MOTÖRHEAD: Civil war
15.THE CRAWLING: The right to crawl
16.THE CRAWLING: End of the rope
17.THE CRAWLING: Catatonic
18.NAPALM DEATH: Suffer the children
19.TEMPLE OF BAAL: Holy art thou
20.EINHERJER: Hugin's eyes

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

Oddgeir Gitlestad

March 13 - Inferno Metal Fest

Runar Pettersen - Inferno Metal Festial.jpg

Runar Pettersen from Inferno Festival visited our studio.
All the show was about the festival.

01.EXODUS: Bonded by blood
02.ICS VORTEX: Odin's tree
03.VADER: Come and see my sacrifice
04.MARDUK: Afrika
06.BLOOD RED THRONE: Proselyte virus
07.SODOM: Agent orange
08.SUFFOCATION: Infecting the crypts
09.NILE: Rape of the black earth
10.THE CRAWLING: End of the rope
11.NORDJEVEL: Djevelen i nord
12.NIFELHEIM: Infernal flame of destruction
13.MOONSORROW: Pakanajuhla
14.MÅNEGARM: Vargstenen
15.MAYHEM: Freezing moon

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

March 22 - Inferno Metal Festival

All the show was about The Inferno Festival 2015.

01.VULTURE INDUSTRIES: Hangman's hatch
02.EXECRATION: Ancient tongue
04.1349: Postmortem
05.ENSIFERUM: One man army
06.BEHEMOTH: Messe noire
07.ADE: Betrayer from Thrace
08.GOATWHORE: Unraveling paradise
09.SKELETONWITCH: Beaneath dead leaves
10.DØDSENGEL: Sun on Earth
11.MY DYING BRIDE: Turn loose the swans
12.SARGEIST: The unspoken ones
13.ENSLAVED: In times
14.SECRETS OF THE MOON: Blood into wine
15.DEATHCULT: Sieg heil Satan
16.KAMPFAR: Kujon
17.SLAGMAUR: Fantom eks speriment
18.DØDHEIMSGARD: Unaltered beast
19.MORTUARY DRAPE: Dreadful discovery
20.BLOODBATH: Let the stillborn come to me
21.SECTU: Convergence

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

April 6 - Inferno Metal Fest

The entire show was about Inferno Festival 2014

02.DEATHHAMMER: Deathrashing sacrifice
03.IMPIETY: Sodomythical frostgoats
04.KRYPTOS: Spellkraft
06.SYN:DROM: The filth unmasked
07.DIMMU BORGIR: Progenies of the great apocalypse
08.MYSTIFIER: The barbarian duelling with the wise
11.TRISTANIA: Darkest white
12.OBLITERATION: Goat skull crown
13.HATEBREED: Nothing scars me
14.NECROS CHRISTOS: Succumbed to sarkum phagum
15.BLASPHEMY: Emperor of the black abyss
16.THE SICKENING: Obsessed with the dead
17.SIGH: Purgatorium
18.KRUGER: The wild brunch
19.TULUS: Frossen skog
20.ORANSSI PAZUZU: Vino verso
21.ROTTING CHRIST: Iwa voodoo
22.BLACK WITCHERY: Baphomet throne exaltation
23.WATAIN: Reaping death
24.GEHENNA: Lead to the pyre

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobse

April 14 - Koldbrann

  • Interview with Kvass, Mannevond & Folkedal from Koldbrann. Recorded during Inferno festival.
  • 01.OVERKILL: Deny the cross
  • 02.KINGDOM COMES: God does not sing our song
  • 03.LORDI: Schizo doll
  • 04.KILL CITY BANDITS: If you ain't a cowboy (you ain't shit)
  • 05.KALASHNIKOV: Another day
  • 06.AUDREY HORNE: Youngblood
  • 07.METALLICA: One
  • 08.FRANTIC BLEEP: The expulsion
  • 09.SAXON: Made in Belfast
  • 10.DEVIL: They pale
  • 11.BLACK SABBATH: Iron man
  • 12.ERON: Sweet addiction
  • 13.WARTEX: The ugly
  • 14.KOLDBRANN: Totalt sjelelig bankerott
  • 15.KOLDBRANN: Drammen
  • 16.KOLDBRANN: Stolichnaya smert
  • 17.BENIGHTED: Saw it all
  • 18.HATE: Immum coeli
  • 19.VOIVOD: Empathy for the enemy
  • 20.EXMORTEM: Sovereignty
  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen
  • Reporter:
  • Raymond Smith

March 17 - Inferno Metal Festival

  • All the show: Inferno Festival 2013
  • 01.HORNED ALMIGHTY: Death of the soul
  • 02.ISKALD: Eden
  • 03.HATE: Festivals ov slaves
  • 04.FAANEFJELL: Drikkegilde i Jotunheimen
  • 05.DARK FUNERAL: Stigmata
  • 06.SOLSTORM: The Carrington event
  • 07.TAAKE: Nordbundet
  • 08.CHROME DIVISION: Raven black cadillac
  • 09.DEICIDE: Fuck your god
  • 10.FLESHCRAWL: As blood rains from the sky
  • 11.BEHEXEN: Death's black light
  • 12.WARPATH: Spitting blood
  • 13.AETERNUS: Punished
  • 14.IN VAIN: I total triumf
  • 15.GHOST: Ritual
  • 16.CARACH ANGREN: Lingering in an imprint haunting
  • 17.MOONSPELL: Opium
  • 18.PURIFIED IN BLODD: Endless evil
  • 19.SUFFOCATION: Eminent wrath
  • 20.BAPTISM: Temple of exotica
  • 22.HADES ALMIGHTY: Vendetta assassination
  • 23.SOLEFALD: Where birds have never been
  • 24.SATYRICON: Black crow on a tombstone
  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen

April 1 - Inferno Metal Festival / Aeon Throne

  • All the show was about the Inferno Festival.
  • Sondre & Marius from Aeon Throne visited our studio.
  • 01.TROLLFEST: Villanden
  • 02.ANAAL NATHRAK: Le diabolique est l'ami du simple
  • 03.THE KONSORTIUM: Under the black flag
  • 04.1349: The heretic
  • 05.VESEN: Materpiece
  • 06.TRIPTYKON: Descendant
  • 07.BORKNAGAR: Epochalypse
  • 08.NECRONOMICON: Stormbringer
  • 09.AEON THRONE: Oath in blood
  • 10.AEON THRONE: Titans
  • 11.DEAD TROOPER: Reaping of your cries
  • 12.ABSU: Ontologically, it becametome & space
  • 13.SOLSTAFIR: Æra
  • 14.AUTOPSY: Bludgeoned and brained
  • 15.THRONE OF KATARSIS: Lysets endeligt
  • 16.SVARTTJERN: Through madness and sanity I am
  • 17.EINHERJER: Burning yggdrasil
  • 18.THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT: Army of the despised
  • 19.ARCTURUS: Alone
  • Jørn Livrud
  • Raymond Smith

April 10 - Inferno Metal Festival

  • This entire show was all about Inferno Festival 2011.
  • 01.DISKORD: Complicity
  • 02.AKERCOCKE: The man without faith or trust
  • 03.HARM: Aggression
  • 04.DHG: Unaltered beast
  • 05.NIDINGR: The watch-towers of the universe
  • 06.AURA NOIR: Hades rise
  • 07.VOIVOD: Earthache
  • 08.FORBIDDEN: Chalice of blood
  • 09.SOILENT GREEN: Leaves of three
  • 10.TODAY IS THE DAY: The descent
  • 11.ATHEIST: Water
  • 12.AVA INFERI: Blood of Bacchus
  • 13.IMMORTAL: The rise of darkness
  • 14.EXHUMED: The matter of splatter
  • 15.SLAVIA: The ancient light
  • 16.MANIFEST: They'll have to carry me home
  • 17.MALEVOLENT CREATION: Decadence within
  • 18.NO DAWN: Ascending malice
  • 19.PENTAGRAM: When the screams come
  • 20.ILLDISPOSED: Still sane
  • 21.NAPALM DEATH: I abstain
  • 22.URGEHAL:The necessity of total genocide
  • 23.MESHUGGAH: In death – is death
  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen

March 21 - Inferno Metal Festival

  • This show was about The Inferno Festival 2010
  • 01.MADDER MORTEM: M for malice
  • 02.EYEHATEGOD: Bloodmoney
  • 03.BELPHEGOR: Kings shall be kings
  • 04.FINNTROLL: Ett norrskendåd
  • 05.NACHTMYSTIUM: Omnivore
  • 06.MARDUK: Whorecrown
  • 07.THRONE OF KATARSIS: Lysets endeligt
  • 08.RAM-ZET: I am dirt
  • 09.BENEDICTION: Deadfall
  • 10.IHSAHN: Undercurrent
  • 11.RAGNAROK: The beast of madness
  • 12.MAYHEM: Freezing moon
  • 13.SARKOM: I call your name
  • 14.TAAKE: Lukt til helvete
  • 15.IRR: Chaos theory
  • 16.DESTRÖYER 666: Black city - black fire
  • 17.THE KOVENANT: Bizarre cosmic industries
  • 18.NECROPHAGIST: Stabwound
  • 19.DEATH ANGEL: 5 steps of freedom
  • 20.VOMITORY: Eternal trail of corpses
  • 21.SHINING: Blackjazz deathtrance
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen
  • Raymond Smith
  • Jørn Livrud

April 26 - Pestilence

  • Had an interview with Patrick Mameli & Patrick Uterwijk from Pestilence, recorded at Inferno festival.
  • 01.RUNNING WILD: Under Jolly Roger
  • 02.EL CACO: Am I wrong?
  • 03.FAITH NO MORE: Be aggressive
  • 04.RUMBLE IN RHODOS: Flavoured envy
  • 05.IMPELLITTERI: Holyman
  • 06.DREAM THEATER: Another day
  • 07.OPETH: Face of Melinda
  • 08.SATYRICON: Black crow on a tombstone
  • 09.DEATHROW: Riders of doom
  • 10.BAI BANG: I love the things you hate
  • 11.DISRUPT: Leave me be
  • 12.RAGE: Beginning of the end
  • 13.PESTILENCE: Horror detox
  • 14.PESTILENCE: Devouring frenzy
  • 15.PESTILENCE: Hate suicide
  • 16.PENTAGRAM: Sign of the wolf
  • 17.ATROCITY: Relax
  • 18.BLUT AUS NORD: The Cosmic echoes of non-matter
  • 19.KAMELOT: Rule the world
  • 20.MANOWAR: All men play on 10
  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen
  • Reporters:
  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen

April 5 - Inferno Metal Festival

  • Most of this show was about Inferno 2009.
  • 01.DEEP PURPLE: Speed king
  • 02.SHOOT THE BREEZE: Feel as a victim
  • Inferno:
  • 03.SAHG: The executioner undead
  • 04.KAMPFAR: Hat og avind
  • 05.SEPTIC FLESH: We the gods
  • 06.PESTILENCE: Twisted truth
  • 07.UNEARTHLY TRANCE: Permanent ice
  • 08.MESHUGGAH: Shed
  • 09.TAETRE: Paint it black
  • 10.DEW-SCENTED: Life ending path
  • 11.VREID: Folkefiendar
  • 12.PANTHEON I: A shadow
  • 13.KEEP OF KALESSIN: Vengeance rising
  • 14.KOLDBRANN: Opium fields forever
  • 15.EXECRATION: Subconscious warfare
  • 16.HELHEIM: Åndevind
  • 17.BLACK COMEDY: World in my eyes
  • 18.GRAND MAGUS: The shadow knows
  • 19.SAMAEL: On earth
  • 20.CODE: Aeon in cinders
  • 21.CARPATHIAN FOREST: Skjend hans lik
  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen

April 20 - Gorefest

We had an interview with Ed Warby from Gorefest. The interview was done at the Inferno Festival.

  • 01.KREATOR: Betrayer
  • 02.ILL NINO: Hot Summer's Tragedy
  • 03.DREAMSCAPE: Fearing The Daylight
  • 04.MADE OF HATE: Bullet in Your Head’
  • 05.SABATON: Nuclear Attack
  • 06.GRIEF OF WAR: Don't Walk Away
  • 07.SKID ROW: 18 and Life
  • 08.EMERGENCY GATE: The Inside
  • 09.TAD MOROSE: No Mercy
  • 10.TRIOSPHERE: Gunnin' for Glory
  • 11.FATAL DEMEANOR: Inside Holocaust
  • 12.NINTH CIRCLE: Malice (Take No Prisoners)
  • 13.MALIGNANT MONSTER: Thrive in The Dark
  • 14.GOREFEST: A Question of Terror
  • 15.GOREFEST: A Grim Charade
  • 16.GOREFEST: Rise To Ruin
  • 18.KOLDBRANN: Djevelens Treskeverk
  • 19.BATHTUB SHITTER: Hip is The Man
  • 20.DEICIDE: In The Eyes of God
  • 21.WATAIN: Storm of The Antichrist
  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen
  • Reporters:
  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen

April 6 - Overkill

We had an interview with Bobby Ellsworth from Overkill. The interview was done at the Inferno Festival.

  • 01.EINHERJER: Dragons of The North
  • 02.PARADOX: Disconnected
  • 03.DIA PSALMA: Hundra Kilo Kärlek
  • 04.DESPERADOZ: Days of Thunder
  • 05.NIGHTWISH: Over the Hills And Far Away
  • 06.PORCUPINE TREE: Normal
  • 07.ILL NINO: March Against Me
  • 08.GLYDER: Sweets
  • 09.STORMWARRIOR: Bloode Eagle
  • 10.IRON MAIDEN: Die With Your Boots On
  • 11.FORBIDDEN FOREST: Black Plague
  • 12.OVERKILL: Walk Through Fire
  • 13.OVERKILL: Skull and Bones
  • 14.OVERKILL: What it Takes
  • 15.MANIFEST: Machinery of Violence
  • 16.GROUND ZERO SYSTEM: Break Apart
  • 17.NATTEFROST: Sluts of Hell
  • 18.TAAKE: Hordalands Doedskvad (VII)
  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen
  • Reporters
  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen

March 30

We had an interview with Stud Bronson from The Batallion, recorded at The Inferno Festival

  • 01.THE HAUNTED: Hollow Ground
  • 02.APOCALYPSE DUDES: Die in The End
  • 03.DANKO JONES: Code of The Road
  • 04.ACE FREHLEY: One Plus One
  • 05.ANDRE MATOS: How Long
  • 06.YELLOW PEARL: Got to Give it Up
  • 07.SHOOT THE BREEZE: Another Life to Live
  • 08.KISS: Love Gun
  • 09.WARREL DANE: Messenger
  • 10.RAISED FIST: Untruth
  • 11.BENEA REACH: Sentiment
  • 12.THE BATALLION: Man to Man (Warfare)
  • 13.THE BATALLION: Detonate
  • 14.THE BATALLION: Smoke 'em Out
  • 15.TURISAS: The Dnieper Rapids
  • 16.BLESSMON: Blood of The Fallen
  • 17.AT THE GATES: Cold
  • 18.CARCASS: No Love Lost
  • 19.PRIMORDIAL: No Nation on This Earth
  • 20.MALIGNANT MONSTER: Slaughterhome
  • 21.GROUND ZERO SYSTEM: Semper Fi
  • 22.OBITUARY: Threatening Skies
  • 23.DARK TRANQUILLITY: Misery's Crown
  • Jørn Livrud
  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen
  • Reporters
  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen

March 23 - Onslaught

We had an interview with Sy Keeler & Nige Rocket from Onslaught, recorded at The Inferno Festival.

  • 01.SCORPIONS: Still Loving You
  • 02.JORN: Stormcrow
  • 03.HELLOWEEN: Mrs. God
  • 04.ALICE COOPER: You're My Temptation
  • 05.FORGERY: Know The Pain
  • 06.COME TASTE THE BAND: Stormbringer
  • 07.TNT: Harley-Davidson
  • 08.MARTIAL MACHINE: Paralyzed Leaders
  • 09.SHOOT THE BREEZE: Dear Johnny
  • 10.AC/DC: TNT
  • 11.THE BATALLION: March of the Veterans
  • 12.LEAF: Defiance
  • 13.ONSLAUGHT: Killing Peace
  • 14.ONSLAUGHT: Destroyer of Eorlds
  • 15.ONSLAUGHT: Twisted Jesus
  • 16.HOLY MOSES: We Are at War
  • 17.MESHUGGAH: Obzen
  • 18.KEEP OF KALESSIN: Many Are We
  • 19.MELECHESH: Leper Jerusalem
  • 20.IMMOLATION: Tarnished
  • 21.NAGLFAR: Spoken Words of Venom
  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen
  • Jørn Livrud
  • Reporters:
  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen

March 16 - Inferno Metal Festival

This show was about The Inferno Festival and we had an interview with Gro Narvestad from the festival.

  • 01.ONSLAUGHT: Pain
  • 02.DEAD TO THIS WORLD: Into The Light
  • 03.TRISTANIA: Sanguine Sky
  • 04.GOAT THE HEAD: Mother Horse
  • 05.BEHEMOTH: Slaying The Prophets ov Isa
  • 06.CULT OF LUNA: Back to chapel Town
  • 07.GORGOROTH: Exit
  • 08.TULUS: Tarantulus
  • 09.BENIGHTED: The Underneath
  • 10.GOREFEST: Low
  • 11.SATYRICON: Fuel for Hatred
  • 12.UNLEASHED: Before The Creation of Time
  • 13.ISKALD: Eden
  • 14.1349: Perished in Pain
  • 15.BURST: Slave Emotion
  • 16.OVERKILL: Elimination
  • 17.SHINING: Yttligare Ett Steg Närmare Total Jävla Utfrysning
  • 18.DESTRUCTION: Killing Machine
  • 19.GALLHAMMER: Speed of Blood
  • 20.KEEP OF KALESSIN: Into the Fire
  • 21.URGEHAL: Demonrape
  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen