April 3 - The Crawling

Interview with The Crawling. Recorded during The Inferno Festival

01.METALLICA: Master of puppets
02.CIRCUS MAXIMUS: Highest bitter
03.IQ: Red dust shadow
04.PETRA: Midnight oil
05.JADED HEART: Seven gates of hell
06.BLACK DEBBATH: Til hælvete med Munchmuseet!
07.GROOVENOM: New wave of mainstream
08.TIEBREAKER: Trembling son
09.HORISONT: Blind
10.METAL CHURCH: No tomorrow
11.ANGELSEED: Dancing with the ghosts
12.KARMA TO BURN: Thirty four
13.TURISAS: To Holmgard and beyond
14.MOTÖRHEAD: Civil war
15.THE CRAWLING: The right to crawl
16.THE CRAWLING: End of the rope
17.THE CRAWLING: Catatonic
18.NAPALM DEATH: Suffer the children
19.TEMPLE OF BAAL: Holy art thou
20.EINHERJER: Hugin's eyes

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

Oddgeir Gitlestad