July 1 - Norway Rock

Part of the show was about Norway Rock Festival 2018. Phone interview with Kjell Arne (Kelly) Aamot from the festival.

01.JUDAS PRIEST: Living after midnight
02.RAZORBATS: Kid’s of the 70’s
03.THE OFFSPRING: Original prankster
04.RETURN: Bye, bye Johnny
05.RADIOJÖRN: Drege deg ner
06.BIG CITY: From this day
07.BEAST IN BLACK: Go to hell
08.PLAYBOYS: Håylah
09.AVATAR: Smells like a freak show
10.HEARTLESS: Love on the rocks
11.TURBONEGER: All my friends are dead
12.NIGHTWISH: End of all hope
14.BLOODY HEELS: Cheap little liar
15.FROG LEAP: Hello
16.INGLORIOUS: I don’t need your loving
17.OSLO ESS: Bislett stadion
18.STATUS QUO: Caroline
19.BACKSTREET GIRLS: Boogie my life away
20.ACCEPT: Up to the limit
21.GARTNERLOSJEN: Kinosangen
22.FORBIDDEN FOREST: Ville vakre skoger
23.CANNIBAL CORPSE: Pounded into dust

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

Norway Rock 2018.jpg