June 10 - Tons Of Rock

All of the show was about Tons Of Rock Festival 2018.

01.GIRLSCHOOL: Demolition boys
02.ALESTORM: The sunk’n norwegian
03.BATTLE BEAST: King for a day
04.EXODUS: The toxic waltz
05.ARCH ENEMY: As the pages burn
06.OZZY OSBOURNE: Perry Mason
07.AUDREY HORNE: This is war
09.CARACH ANGREN: Bitte tötet mich
10.EPICA: Edge of the blade
11.GOTHMINISTER: Ich will alles
12.AT THE GATES: To drink from the night itself
13.ABBATH: Ashes of the damned
14.ALICE IN CHAINS: Them bones
15.MARDUK: Burn my coffin
16.W.A.S.P.: The invisible boy
17.SKAMBANKT: O dessverre
18.SOULFLY: Prophecy
19.COVEN: Coven in charing cross
20.HELLOWEEN: As long as I fall
21.EQUINOX: Godamadog
22.KVELERTAK: Evig vandrar
23.BLACK DEBBATH: Problemer innad i Høyre

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen