June 3 - Vorbid

Interview with Marcus Gullovsen, Michael Eriksen, Daniel Emanuelsen og Jonas Tellefsen from Vorbid. Recorded at Karmøygeddon May 11th.

01.STRATOVARIUS: Hunting high and low
02.TNT: We’re gonna make it
03.BEASTIE BOYS: Fight for your right
04.YES: Roundabout
05.HELLOWEEN: Mrs. God
06.A PERFECT CIRCLE: The doomed
07.THE RUNAWAYS: Cherry bomb
08.RIVAL SONS: Thundering voices
10.MOTÖRHEAD: Jumpin’ jack flash
11.QUEEN: We will rock you
12.MEGADETH: Wake up dead
13.JUDAS PRIEST: Firepower
14.POWERWOLF: Gods of war arise
15.JUDAS PRIEST: Desert plains
16.VORBID: Zombie
17.VORBID: To mega therion
18.VORBID: Invention intervention
19.PESTILENCE: Out of the body

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

Oddgeir Gitlestad
Knut Ivar Jacobsen