April 15 - Zeke

Interview with Blind Marky Felchtone from Zeke, recorded at Krøsset, Oslo.

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01.SAXON: Wheels of steel
02.JIMMY IVERSEN: Good old hero
03.GRAVE DIGGER: 2000 lightyears from home
04.THE NEW ROSES: What if it was you
05.THE DEAD DAISES: Last time I saw the sun
06.BIG CITY: From this day
07.HELLOWEEN: Giants
08.ONDT BLOD: Unge kniva
09.FUNHOUSE: Foxy lady
10.ZEKE: Devils night
11.ZEKE: Burn
12.ZEKE: Hellbender
13.ZEKE: Working man
14.ZEKE: All the way
15.THE FLOWER KINGS: Deaf, numb & blind
16.SATYRICON: The pentagram burns
18.(UNGT BLOD): Revolution
19.(UNGT BLOD): Plague infected
20.(UNGT BLOD): Lost and always forgotten
21.NIFELHEIM: Storm of the reaper

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

Reporter: Morten Paulsen