April 8

01.VIXEN: Edge of a broken heart
02.FM: Too much of a good thing
03.GODSMACK: Bulletproof
05.THE DAMNED: The devil in disguise
06.RIVERA: Spurned
07.HELLOWEEN: Kids of the century
08.ALIEN ANT FARM: Smooth criminal
09.SPARZANZA: Whatever come may be
10.ANTHRAX: Breathing lightning
11.VOLBEAT: Still counting
12.THE SWORD: Twilight sunrise
13.DRAKKAR: Black sails
14.1428: The world that I know
15.PRIMORDIAL: Wield lightning to split the sun
16.CROWBAR: The cemetery angels
17.TAPHOS: Upon withered wings
18.VIRVUM: Earthwork
19.ALLEGAEON: 1.618
20.NE OBLIVISCARIS: Intra venus
21.ARCH ENEMY: The race
22.VANDÖD: Burden of eden

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen