September 3

01.D.A.D.: Sleeping my day away
02.MR BIG: Everybody needs a little trouble
03.ACCEPT: Koolaid
04.WENDY O.WILIAMS: Ready to rock
05.MANOWAR: Guyana (Cult of the damned)
06.YELLOW PEARL: Are you ready
07.THE DARKNESS: Solid gold
08.VOLBEAT: Still counting
09.THRESHOLD: Small dark lines
10.SOLEFALD: The germanic entity
11.PARADISE LOST: Lost blood and chaos
12.SCARIOT: Nothing is forever
13.BLOOD RED THRONE: Proselyte virus
14.DARK FUNERAL: Attera totus sanctus
15.HARM: Harm unleashed
16.GREEN CARNATION: The burden is mine..alone
17.WYRUZ: Carved in stone
18.DEVASTATION: Retribution
19.EXECRATION: Disciples of the suffering
20.EXTREME COLD WINTER: Siberian darkness

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen