August 27 - Top 3 Wacken

Personal top 3 from Wacken Open Air 2017

01.RUNNING WILD: Port royal
03.TESTAMENT: Do or die
04.W.A.S.P.: I am one
05.DEEP PURPLE: Stormbringer

Personal top 3
Oddgeir Gitlestad
06. 03.ROSS THE BOSS: Blood of my enemies
07. 02.POSSESSED: The exorcist
08. 01.GRAVE DIGGER: Morgane le Fay
Knut Ivar Jacobsen:
09. 03.GRAVE DIGGER: Heavy metal breakdown
10. 02.WARRANT (DE): Nuns have no fun
11. 01.KREATOR: Pleasure to kill
Vega Barkley:
12. 03.AMON AMARTH: A dream that cannot be
13. 02.KREATOR: Satan is real
14. 01.EMPEROR: Thus spake the nightspirit

15.METALLICA: Jump in the fire
16.VIVA: Don't hold back the tears
17.THE HAUNTED: Eye of the storm
18.THYRUZ: Dødsriket
19.MECALIMB: Unspoken words
20.CUTTHROAT: Coffin sweet coffin
21.WYRUZ: Carved in stone
22.BLOOD RED THRONE: Primitive killing machine
23.NAPALM DEATH: Cursed to crawl

Vega Barkley
Raymond Smith
Oddgeir Gitlestad
Knut Ivar Jacobsen