October 8

01.WASP: Chainsaw Charlie
02.MOONSCAPE: Into the ethereal shadows
03.FREEDUMB: Let it slide
04.WRATCHILD: Do you want my love?
05.MANOWAR: Thor (the powerhead)
07.ZODIAC MINDWARP: Back seat education
08.AYREON: Everybody dies
09.DRAGONHAMMER: The eye of the storm
10.TANKARD: Schwarz-weiß wie schnee
11.ESCAPE FAILS: Fractions
12.DELIVERANCE (FR): Hung be the heavens with black
13.CHURCH OF MISERY: Make them die slowly
14.MYRKUR: Crown
15.FORCEFED HORSEHEAD: Doing the dead
16.DEFECT DESIGNER: Corpsewatcher
17.WYRUZ: Carved in stone
18.ENGULFED: The halls of grim eternity
19.ENSLAVED: Storm son
20.FLESHCRAWL: Impure massacre of bloody souls

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen