October 1

01.DORO: Bad blood
02.SHAHYD LEGACY: Event horizon
03.ANGEL NATION: Burn the witch
04.BLUES PILLS: Little boy preacher
05.STEELHEART: My dirty girl
06.RIVAL SONS: Thundering voices
07.MANOWAR: Kill with power
09.SUSPERIA: The sun always shines on tv
10.GHOST AVENUE: The prison
11.WASP: The invisible boy
12.WHITESNAKE: Still of the night
13.RUNNING WILD: Prisoner of our time
14.VENOM: Welcome to hell
15.DEE SNIDER: To hell and back
16.SATYRICON: To your brethren in the dark
17.FORGOTTEN TOMB: Longing for decay
18.EXHUMED: Defenders of the grave
19.BELPHEGOR: Baphomet
20.EMORTUALIS: Written
21.PARADISE LOST: Blood and chaos

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen