July 29 - Metal Heart Festival

Most of the show was about the Metal Heart Festival and we had an interview with Jan Erik Salvesen.

  • 01.U.D.O.: Break the rules
  • 02.GLENN HUGHES: Stormbringer
  • 03.STAGE DOLLS: It's only love
  • 04.THRESHOLD: Slipstream
  • 05.PENDRAGON: No place for the innocent
  • 06.SAGA: Footsteps in the hall
  • 07.SHOOT THE BREEZE: Whiskey & angels
  • Metal Heart Festival
  • 08.BLIND GUARDIAN: Turn the page
  • 09.QUEENSRYCHE: Tribe
  • 10.ZYKLON: Subtle manipulation
  • 11.PRIMAL FEAR: Carniwar
  • 12.CANDLEMASS: Emperor of the void
  • 13.THERION: The wand of Abaris
  • 14.PAGAN'S MIND: Enigmatic mission
  • 15.DIMMU BORGIR: Kings of the carnival creation
  • 16.DØDHEIMSGARD: Vendetta assassin
  • 17.MORGANA LEFAY: Face of fear
  • 18.NEVERMORE: Final product
  • 19.JORN: End of time
  • 20.TESTAMENT: Down for life

21.VITAL REMAINS: Hammer down the nails

  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen