August 5 - Dimension F3H

We had an interview with Morfeus from Dimension F3H, recorded at Støperiet in Tønsberg.

  • 01.BLACK INGVARS: Mitt eget blue Hawaii
  • 02.PETER CRISS: Space Ace
  • 03.THUNDERBOLT: Call out the lions
  • 04.ROSE TATTOO: We can’t be beaten
  • 05.SILVERSTEIN: If you could see into my soul
  • 06.SVÖLK: Half past dead
  • 07.EL CACO: Substitute
  • 08.TOOL: Schism
  • 09.AMULET: Profane wishes
  • 10.CIVILIZATION ONE: Life of agony
  • 11.LOWDOWN: Inside revelations
  • 12.DIRGE: The birdies wheel
  • 13.DIMENSION F3H: Does the pain excite you?
  • 14.DIMENSION F3H: Freakshow
  • 15.DIMENSION F3H: Babylon
  • 16.DAMNATION A.D.: If you could remember
  • 17.RAVENCULT: In times of demise
  • 18.HUMAN BLOODFEAST: Full complete autopsy
  • 19.VANDØD: Burden of eden
  • 20.ENTOMBED: Out of hand

Raymond Smith

  • Reporter:
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen