May 21

01.MANOWAR: The gods made heavy metal
02.TREAT: Gimme one more night
03.HOT ZONE: Salta
04.TRIUMPH: Spellbound
06.DYNAMITE: Stone heart rebel
07.WASP: The real me
08.MAGICK TOUCH: Out of reality
09.ELECTRIC BOYS: All lips 'n' hips
10.ASTROSAUR: Space mountain
11.REIGNSAW: Crawl, march die!
12.WATCH OUT STAMPEDE: The last walk
13.LIV SIN: Killing ourselves to live
14.THE WRENCH: It's your right
15.HELHEIM: Synir af heidindomr
16.OKKULTOKRATI: No light for mass
17.VENDETTA: Go and live...stay and die
19.MERCILESS: Pure hate
20.SVARTSYN: With death
21.NAPALM DEATH: Twist the knife (slowly)

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen