May 14

01.NUCLEAR ASSAULT: Critical mass
02.CORRODED: Fall of a nation
03.CRAZY LIXX: Killer
04.TNT: Bakgårdsrotter
05.HOUSE OF LORDS: Hit the wall
06.THE CARBURETORS: Burning rubber
07.KOBRA AND THE LOTUS: You don't know
08.PERIPHERY: Flatline
09.EDGUY: Vain glory opera
10.MEGADETH: Wake up dead
11.EISREGEN: Hauch des todes
12.RAPTURE: Cold on my side
13.TROLLFEST: Gigantic cave
14.PICTURE ANN: Murder
15.KVELERTAK: Kvelertak
16.UNDERØATH: A boy brushed red living in black and white
17.THE CRAWLING: Poison orange
18.DECAPITATED: Spheres of madness
19.VADER: Prayer to the god of war
20.SLAAMASKIN: Grovdyr
21.DIMMU BORGIR: The night masquerade
22.DARKTHRONE: Natassja in eternal sleep

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen