June 25 - Norway Rock

Part of the show was about Norway Rock Festival 2017. Phoneinterview with Ann Frestad from the festival.

01.OZZY OSBOURNE: Perry Mason
Norway Rock..
03.FIGHT THE FIGHT: The edge
04.CIRCUS MAXIMUS: Game of life
05.EL CUERO: All downhill from here
06.WARLOCK: Kiss of death
07.SAHG: Hollow mountain
08.SEIGMEN: Slaver av solen
09.CHRIS HOLMES: Let it roar
10.EUROPE: Rock the night
11.SUBLIME EYES: Greedy hands
12.MASTERPLAN: Enlighten me
13.MINDTECH: Feed you my love
14.PAGAN'S MIND: Osiris triumphant return
15.HUMBUCKER: Wine, woman an' song
16.KROKUS: Hoodoo woman
17.KVELERTAK: 1985
18.AUDREY HORNE: Waiting for the night
19.IN FLAMES:Cloud connected
20.IRON MAIDEN: Powerslave
21.INFESTDEAD: Undead screaming sins

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen