July 2 - Wacken Open Air

All of the show was about Wacken Open Air 2017.

01.VORBID: Closed casket
02.ANNIHILATOR: Set the world on fire
03.ROSS THE BOSS: Blood of my enemies
04.ACCEPT: The rise of chaos
05.BRUJERIA: Viva presidente trump
06.VOLBEAT: Lola Montez
07.MAYHEM: Buried by time and dust
08.NILE: Sacrifice unto Sebek
09.MEMORIAM: Surrounded by death
10.GRAVE DIGGER: Healed by metal
11.MORBID ANGEL: He who sleeps
12.PARADISE LOST: Faith devides us - death units us
13.EMPEROR: Thus spake the nightspirit
14.CANDLEMASS: Mirror mirror
15.TURBONEGRO: You give me worms
16.POSSESSED: Seven churches
17.RAGE: Blackened karma
18.ALICE COOPER: Lost in America
19.SOILWORK: The ride majestic
20.AVANTASIA: Mystery of a blood red rose
21.TANKARD: Syrian nightmare
22.KREATOR: People of the lie
23.PRIMAL FEAR: Metal is forever

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen