July 30 - Ross The Boss

Interview with Ross The Boss, recorded at Karmøygeddon 2017.

01.DREAM THEATER: Constant motion
02.LABYRINTH: Still alive
03.POWERWOLF: Sanctified with dynamite
04.VINNIE VINCENT: Boyz are gonna rock
05.ARCADEA: Neptune moons
06.TURBONEGRO: Fuck the world
07.ESKORIA: Eres tù
08.UGLY KID JOE: Neighbor
09.BLACK STAR RIDERS: Dancing with the wrong girl
10.LOUDNESS: Crazy doctor
11.MANOWAR: Hail and kill
12.ROSS THE BOSS: We will kill
13.ROSS THE BOSS: Blood of my enemies
14.SHIRLEYS TEMPLE: Complicated
15.FIGHT THE FIGHT: Fight the fight
17.METAL CHURCH: Killing your time
18.MEGADETH: Holy wars..the punishment due
19.DYING FETUS: Die with integrity
20.IMPERIUM DEKADENZ: Ocean, mountains mirror

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

Kristian Sagen
Oddgeir Gitlestad

Vega at the radio