August 6

01.LITA FORD: Kiss me deadly
02.THRESHOLD: Lost in translation
03.NIGHTWISH: Shudder before the beautiful
04.VIVA: It's not what I mean
05.MYSTIC PROPHECY: Dust of evil
06.FIGHT THE FIGHT: Perfect combination
07.DREAMARCHER: Burning the remains
08.TESTAMENT: Centuries of suffering
09.YEAR OF THE GOAT: For the king
10.THE HELLACOPTERS: I'm in the band
11.KORPIKLAANI: Pilli on pajusta tehty
12.PARADISE LOST: The longest winter
13.UADA: Devoid of light
14.CRADLE OF FILTH: Heartbreak and seance
15.GOD DETHRONED: The world a blaze
16.VENOM INC: Ave satanas
17.EXCITER: Thrash speed burn
18.MUNICIPAL WASTE: Breathe grease
19.EXODUS: Blood in blood out
20.TYR: Valkyrja

Vega Barkley
Raymond Smith
Knut IvarJacobsen