February 26 - Bylarm

Part of the show was about Bylarm 2017.

01.HELIX: Rock u
02.DUNDERBEIST: Kometen kom
03.RIVAL SONS: Keep on swinging
04.AMMUNITION: Wrecking crew
05.ANNIHILATOR: Set the world on fire
06.SKUNK ANANSIE: Secretly
07.NIRVANA: Smells like teen spirit
08.NEW MECANICA: Play the madmen
09.SABATON: Shiroyama
10.SUICIDIAL TENDENCIES: Waking the dead
11.OKKULTOKRATI: No light for mass
12.ALFAHANNE: Skallerorm
13.TIEBREAKER: Commando
14.FIGHT THE FIGHT: This is war
16.HONNINGBARNA: La alarmane gå
17.DREAMARCHER: Impending doom
18.SAHG: Baptism of fire
19.TAAKE: Kongsgaard bestaar
20.KAMPFAR: Fortapelse
22.DARK TRANQUILITY: Nether novas
23.PETRIFICATION: The headless one master

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

February 12 - Bylarm / Hammerslag

  • About two different festivals in this show Bylarm and Hammerslag
  • 01.POISON: Play dirty
  • 02.RIOT: Army of one
  • 03.DEATHSTARS: The rape of virtue
  • 04.RAMMSTEIN: Pussy
  • 05.DIGGER: Stronger than ever
  • 06.MÖTLEY CRÜE: Girls, girls, girls
  • 07.METALLICA: Enter sandman
  • By..
  • 08.OSLO ESS: Alt jeg trenger
  • 09.HONNINGBARNA: Klart blikk
  • 10.TORCH: Everythin consist (of what you might believe)
  • 11.EL DOOM & THE BORN ELECTRIC: Fire don't know
  • 12.EL CACO: Autopsy
  • 13.EXECRATION: Voracious
  • 14.KVELERTAK: Ulvetid
  • 15.ÅRABROT: Valkyrie
  • 16.NEKROMANTHEON: Embrace the oracle
  • 17.MAYHEM: You must fall
  • ..Larm.
  • 18.IMBALANCE: Period three implies chaos
  • Hammerslag..
  • 19.FRAMFERD: Ulvetid
  • 20.HARM: Devil
  • 21.NIDINGR: Righteousness in beauty
  • 22.NOCTURNAL BREED: Black tooth grin
  • 23.RAGNAROK: The black mass
  • ...Festival.
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen
  • Raymond Smith

February 13 - Bylarm / Hammerslag

  • Two festivals in this show "Bylarm" and "Hammerslag Festivalen"
  • 01.CRIMSON GLORY: Angels of war
  • 02.FAST FOOLISH FLIES: Ecstasy
  • 03.ACELSIA: All these years
  • 04.STONE TEMPLE PILOTS: Vasoline
  • 05.SAGA: No regrets
  • 06.KORN: Got the life
  • 07.GARY MOORE: Over the hills and far away
  • 08.JUDAS PRIEST: Breaking the law
  • 09.GRAND MAGUS: The shadow knows
  • 10.ACCEPT: Breaker
  • By..
  • 11.RUMBLE IN RHODOS: Flavoured envy
  • 12.KVELERTAK: Offernatt
  • 13.OBLITERATION: Perpetual decay
  • 14.120DAYS: Sleepwalking
  • 15.ULVER: Let the children go
  • 16.NIDINGR: Come away
  • 17.SAHG: The executioner undead
  • 18.1349: Pitchblack
  • ...Larm
  • 19.GOAT THE HEAD: Blood (Armed evolution)
  • 20.BIBLEBLACK: Mourning becomes me
  • 21.MELECHESH: Touching the sphere of Sephiroth
  • 22.NILE: The black hand of set
  • Hammer...
  • 23.FRAMFERD: Ulvetid
  • 24.ARVAS: By war they came
  • 25.URGEHAL: Dødelagt
  • 26.CUTTHROAT: Coffin sweet coffin
  • 27.TAAKE: Lukt til helvete
  • ...Festivalen.
  • Raymond Smith
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen

February 14 - Bylarm

  • A part of the show was about Bylarm
  • 01.VENDETTA: War
  • 02.H.E.A.T: Beg beg beg
  • 03.KAMELOT: Center of the universe
  • 04.RAMMSTEIN: Rammlied
  • By:Larm
  • 05.AUDREY HORNE: Confessions & alcohol
  • 06.THE CUMSHOTS: Bitter erection
  • 07.GOAT THE HEAD: Mother horse
  • 08.OBLITERATION: Breeding the sick
  • 09.PURIFIED IN BLOOD: Endless evil
  • 10.VREID: Millom hav og fjell
  • 11.SUICIDAL TENDENCIES: You can’t bring me down
  • 12.GUNS N’ROSES: Oh my god
  • 13.KVIST: Forbannet være jorden jeg går på
  • 14.SAINT VITUS: I bleed black
  • 15.DESTRÖYER 666: Clenched fist
  • 16.THE KOVENANT: Planetary black elements
  • 17.CHILDREN OF BODOM: Oops... i did it again
  • 18.MEGADETH: Symphony of destruction
  • 19.GAMMA RAY: To the metal
  • 20.JORN: Living with wolves
  • 21.SCORPIONS: Still loving you
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen
  • Raymond Smith