August 18 - Beyond The Gates

Most of the show was about Beyond The Gates 2019

01.EXCITER: Heavy metal maniac
02.MERCURY MOON: Endless roads
03.SAINT DEAMON: Captain saint D
04.WATAIN: Nuclear alchemy
05.OBLITERATION: Cenotaph obscure
06.SVARTIDAUDI: Burning wolds of excrement
07.BEHEXEN: Cave of the dark dreams
08.MARDUK: Equestrian bloodlust
09.MAYHEM: Deathcrush
10.INCULTER: Open the tombs
11.VARATHRON: Tenebrous
12.ARCTURUS: Alone
13.EMPEROR: Inno a satana
14.PRIMORDIAL: Empire falls
15.NECROS CHRISTOS: Tombstone chapel
16.LUCIFER: California son
17.MIDNIGHT: Evil like a knife
18.CANDLEMASS: Astrolus – the great octopus
19.ABBATH: Winter bane
..The Gates.
20.PICTURE ANN: Strange blood

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen

beyond the gates.jpg