July 14

01.ANGRA: Nothing to say
02.BRANT BJORK: Mixed nuts
03.AXXIS: My little princess
04.UFO: Ain’t no sunshine
05.BURNING RAIN: Midnight train
06.GLORYHAMMER: The siege of Dunkeid
07.MOTÖRHEAD: Bomber
08.SUM 41: Never there
09.AC/DC: T.N.T.
10.THE 69 EYES: 27 and done
11.CRAZY LIXX: Wicked
13.DAVID MARK PEARCE: To live again
14.EVERGREY: Weightless
15.DARK TRANQUILITY: Forward momentum
16.DEATH ANGEL: I came for blood
17.HYPOCRISY: Fractured millennium
18.MEMORIAM: Undefeated
19.DARK FUNRAL: King antichrist
20.OBERST: A stranger place pt.2
21.FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE: Worship and forget
22.CRUSH THE ALTAR: See mortality
23.TROLL: The last predators

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen