February 4 - Mausoleum Of Death


Untermensch from Mausoleum of Death visited our studio.

01.GHOST: Elizabeth
02.SKINDRED: Machine
03.YELLOW PEARL: Emerald
04.THERION: Night reborn
05.ALICE COOPER: Prince of darkness
06.DROPKICK MURPHYS: Don’t tear us apart
07.OF MICE & MEN: Unbreakable
08.ANDY BLACK: When we were young
09.W.A.S.P.: Chainsaw Charlie
10.GHOST AVENUE: Time traveller
11.KORN: Burn the obedient
12.TROLLFEST: Brakebein
13.MAUSOLEUM OF DEATH: Death incarnate
14.MAUSOLEUM OF DEATH: Killing your illusions
15.MAUSOLEUM OF DEATH: Odium manifesto
16.VADER: Triumph of death
17.USURPRESS: In books without pags
18. CYNABARE URNE: Conquistadors of death
19.CARPATHIAN FOREST: The woods of Wallachia

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen