January 14

01.ANNIHILATOR: Set the world on fire
03.MADAM X: High in high school
04.BLACK SABBATH: Wheels of confusion
05.DOWN ’N’ OUTZ: Storm
06.RONNY PØBEL: Tror jeg må le
07.HELLOWEEN: Lay all your love on me
08.IMAGES OF EDEN: Shield me
09.BLUES PILLS: Lady in gold
10.BLACK DEBBATH: The vikings (The pioneers of rock)
11.SYMPHONY X: The death of balance/lacrymosa
12.ENDOGENIC: Breathing but bleeding
13.MOTÖRHEAD: Ace of spades
14.JINJER: A plus or a minus
15.MACHINE HEAD: Bastards
16.ROTTING SKY: White angels
17.SATYRICON: Black crow on a tombestone
18.PICTURE ANN: Metastasizing angel
19.TRIBULATION: The lament
20.SUFFOCATION: Return to the abyss

Raymond Smith
Knut Ivar Jacobsen