October 7 - Bad Karma

Ole Fredrik Hundertmark from the store Bad Karma visited our studio.

  • 01.Y&T: Don’t stop runnin
  • 02.WINDS: The grand design
  • 03.BLACK DEBBATH: Motorhedda Gabler
  • 04.KING DIAMOND: The girl in the bloody dress
  • 05.WHITE ZOMBIE: Electric head
  • 06.SOULFLY: Back to the primitive
  • 07.MACHINE HEAD: Davidian
  • 08.LOWDOWN: The world has ended
  • 09.THE CUMSHOTS: Praying for cancer
  • 10.SEPULTURA: Arise
  • 11.PROBOT: Shake your blood
  • 12.AUDIOPAIN: The switch to turn off mankind
  • 13.FORGERY: Know the pain
  • 14.IMPRINT: Game of life
  • 15.SWORN: Heart of decay
  • 16.OBLITERATION: Consumed by flames
  • 17.LIMBONIC ART: A cosmic funeral of memories
  • 18.GALLHAMMER: Song of fall
  • 19.ALCHEMIST: Communichate
  • 20.SATYRICON: The pentagram burns

Raymond Smith