November 11 - After Forever

We had an interview with Floor Jansen from After Forever, recorded at Screamfest.

  • 01.METALLICA: Harvester of sorrow
  • 02.BLACK DEBBATH: The Vikings
  • 03.RIVERSIDE: Parasomnia
  • 04.IRON MAIDEN: Aces high
  • 05.SHOOT THE BREEZE: Dear Johnny
  • 06.TRIOSPHERE: Gunnin’ for glory
  • 07.W.A.S.P.: Wild child
  • 08.PREMACY: Fragile life
  • 09.UDO: Break the rules
  • 10.MUNICIPAL WASTE: Headbanger face rip
  • 11.AFTER FOREVER: Energize me
  • 12.AFTER FOREVER: Cry with a smile
  • 13.AFTER FOREVER: De-energized
  • 14.ALCHEMIST: Grasping the air
  • 15.LAST TO REMAIN: Still standing strong
  • 16.DARKTHRONE: Canadian metal
  • 17.SEVERE TORTURE: Fight something
  • 18.HIGH ON FIRE: Rumors of war
  • 19.CHARGER: The pride of essex
  • 20.OPETH: Bleak
  • 21.BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME: Sun of nothing

Raymond Smith

  • Reporter:
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen