December 17 - Cradle Of Filth

We had an interview with Dani Filth from Cradle Of Filth, recorded at Rockefeller 12/12-06

  • 01.MERCYFUL FATE: Evil
  • 02.MAX MIDSUN: The pain
  • 03.ZANDELLE: The final hour
  • 04.BLACK DEBBATH: Motorhedda gabler
  • 05.ANGRA: The course of nature
  • 06.POWERMAN 5000: Wild world
  • 07.CRUACHAN: The brown bull of cooley
  • 08.ULI JON ROTH: Still so many lives away
  • 09.TWISTED INTO FORM: Torrents
  • 10.LUMSK: Trolltind
  • 11.FUNERAL: From these wounds
  • 12.INSONIUM: Mortal share
  • 13.CRADLE OF FILTH: I am the thorn
  • 14.CRADLE OF FILTH: Temptation
  • 15.CRADLE OF FILTH: Under huntress moon
  • 16.DAYLIGHT DIES: Dead air
  • 17.SPIRITUAL: This battle is yours
  • 18.MELECHESH: Symphony of life
  • 19.CELTIC FROST: A dying god coming into human flesh
  • Raymond Smith
  • Jørn Livrud
  • Reporters:
  • Knut Ivar Jacobsen
  • Jørn Livrud

Winners of the Cradle of Filth contest: Snorre Skistad and Tor Holthe Rønning