August 27 - Wartex

Morten Paulsen & Marius Paulsen from Wartex came to our studio for an interview.

  • 01.VENOM: Resurrection
  • 02.GPS: Heaven can wait
  • 03.ON THE LAST DAY: Below one hundred
  • 04.BEYOND TWILIGHT For the love of art and the making
  • 06.THE DIRTY CALLAHANS: Can’t help it
  • 07.INME: Faster the chase
  • 08.WARTEX.: Fuck this world
  • 09.WARTEX: Flatliner
  • 10.WARTEX: Drink, fuck, drive
  • 11.DEREK SHERINAN: Czar of steel
  • 12.HARM: Harm unleashed
  • 13.CONSPIRACY: United in hate
  • 14.SLAYER: Flesh storm
  • 15.HYPNOTIC FACE: trash
  • 16.VREID: Wrath of mine
  • 17.NODE: Cancer
  • 18.THE CLASSIC STRUGGLE: Storm of swords
  • 19.SATYRICON: Fuel for hatred
  • 20.PHOENIX MOURNING: Glasskiss
  • 21.RED HARVEST: Fall of fate
  • 22.VILE: Deafening silence

Raymond Smith