March 12

01.KING DIAMOND: Mirror mirror
02.THE ANSWER: In this land
03.TATTOOED LOVE BOYS: Why waltz when you can rock 'n' roll
04.APOCALYPSE ORCHESTRA: The garden of earthly delights
05.BON JOVI: Bad medicine
06.NITERAIN: Come out
07.AMMUNITION: Wrecking crew
08.MINDTECH: Feed you my love
09.KISS: Cold gin
10.AMORPHIS: Her alone
11.HELL: Let battle commence
12.RAMMSTEIN: Feuer frei
13.KVELERTAK: Blodtørst
14.DIMMU BORGIR: Mourning palace
15.DARK TRANQUILITY: Hours passed in exile
16.MEMORIAM: Surrounded by death
18.LIK: Only death is left alive
18.VESEN: Hate
19.DØDHEIMSGARD: Monumental possession
20.AZARATH: The slain god
21.STYGGMYR: Necromasturbation

Raymond Smith